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Shining Moments

Glancing back

pressing forward

Like the constant moving of the tide along my favorite beach.

Glancing back in order to learn

and grow

Cherishing those tender relationships that meant so much

but are now gone. Heroes of the faith whose very memory cheer us on.

Yes, glancing back to those times where we sensed the breath of His Presence

and the thrill of His Care in an unforgettable way.

But it isn’t always that way. No, feelings come and go

but our faith stands secure in the Unchanging One.

Glancing back remembering times of failure and loss and pain

like minor keys in the symphony of our life

grateful that Our Composer writes the score with a swelling theme of victory.

Always pressing forward like the incoming tide.

Surrendering more and more to His Will.

Wash over my life Holy Spirit and take control of all.

Pressing forward to new challenges – the Spirit taking possession of areas of our lives

we hadn’t even realized in the past.

Peace at last.

Glancing back and pressing forward.

Resisting the urge to remain at status quo

because even that is a myth

granting us permission to do nothing while gradually becoming numb to life.

Pressing forward with the wind in our face.

Pressing forward

seizing the day. Running the race that is before us.

Splash over us, O Lord, and consume us with your Power

Focusing on that City that is before us.

Glancing back for only a second while pressing forward with all our strength.

Will you join with me and run the race that is before us today?

The time is now.


Shining Moments

Whatever you’re dreaming and longing for

will you lay it down

and let it die?

It is in dying that we live.

It is in laying it down that we begin to see that God is God

and He satisfies.

God alone.

I dreamed for a marriage that would honor Him.

but I had to lay it down.

I dreamed for a child in Ukraine.

But that dream had to die.

Empty arms and grieving I came home

and waited

and prayed.

The world calls our broken dreams – failures

but God sees them as the beginning of something new.

I’ve been crucified with Christ…. Galatians 2:20

Death proceeding  life

My way being laid down at His Feet

Waiting and discovering that He is there when all else fails.

He is there when everything else crumbles at our feet.

Beginning to understand that His thoughts are not our thoughts.

His Way becoming mine.

Thy Will be done, Lord.

Peace and eventually a new direction.

Coming home with a precious little girl from Russia.

Opening a practice in my own community.

Making new friends.

Discovering that the God of New Beginnings does all things well in His Time.

Nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in Me.

Deep truths that continue to call me to laying down all of my dreams

and waiting upon Him.

His Plan

His Time

His Way

and always His sweet Will.