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This Key Changes Everything

Change your thoughts –

Change your life.

Powerful thought. It’s right there for you.

But how difficult it is some days to simply change our thoughts.

We are surrounded with storms on every side and within.

Problems and conflict.

Loss and struggle.

You know what I mean.

If I were to write out the challenges of this past week

it would be too long to even want to print

and certainly not an encouragement for you or I.

No, you’re like me. We all face challenges.

Life is tough – no doubt about it.

But there’s a key. Remember. A key that changes everything.


Yes, that’s the key.

Our focus.

If we focus on the darkness of the storm, the pain of the struggle

the difficulty of our situation

we drag ourselves down into a pit of discouragement.

But if we focus on the blue sky- the positives that are all around –

the hope within and without

And most of all the God of all Hope and Comfort.



Life becomes easier.

The stronger our focus on the blue sky

that oftentimes is hidden behind the clouds

we are strengthened to go one step further.

And that’s where everything changes.

Taking that one step.

So how do we focus on the positive?

There are many ways  –

Read scripture, play music, talk with a friend, pray.

Those are just a few ideas and not in any particular order.

I also find that when I remember how I’ve been strengthened in the past

I am encouraged.

Yes, I can encourage myself and so can you.


A laser focus on the positive.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; Proverbs 4:6

Yes, change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.




may 5 blue skies

Coffee And More

sept 10 coffeeIt was one of those days when I was weary from the countless responsibilities

and an endless list of tasks.

Coffee, I thought. Yes, I need an extra large cup of coffee to make it through this day.


So I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and asked for a large, yes extra large cup of coffee.

My thoughts flitted from this to that

until I the gal handed me  the cup.

I smiled not realizing that my unspoken prayer was about to be answered

For some reason today I glanced down at the cup and read the writing on the side.

Dark, bold letters –


Suddenly it was like a light came on.

The only thing I can depend upon  every time is my Lord. Every time.

Walking outside into the cold air my step picked up.

Sure there are some people that are dependable. What would we ever do without them?

Gifts of God to be sure.

But every time? Those simple words drew my focus upward to the One Who never let me down.

In a world of increased stress and the possibility for discouragement on every side.

He never fails.

He has promised His Presence and Protection and Peace

for all who look to Him. For me.


As I mentally hugged that truth to my weary heart I felt fresh courage and strength.

And right there I bowed my head and asked Him again to be that for me. Today.

Anything  can become an instrument  of  encouragement and comfort.

For me,


it is a cup of coffee.

How about you?

Lord, open our eyes to see you wherever we are today.

And may we be strengthened to serve you  this moment.

My prayers are with you today, my friend.

This Call Is For You

How do you get quiet enough in our noisy,

fast paced world

to experience Easter?

While all of nature seems to have come alive outside my window

my heart longs

to watch with Him

to wait with Him

to stand with Him.

Not out of obligation or duty.

Certainly not because it’s the thing to do.

No, I simply yearn to be there with Him.

And so I steal some moments of quiet in the dark of the night

while many sleep

and I try to imagine I was there

and I pray.

Or sometimes I get up early and slip quietly to a comfy chair

and simply wait in His Presence.

But maybe it’s not where I am.

Maybe it’s just coming to Him.



Just as I am.


To stand as it were at the foot of the cross

and reflect on the finished work of Christ.

march 26 springTo reconsecrate myself to His service.


He gave His all.

His love demands my all.

My soul, my life, my all.

Unworthy as I am.

Letting His Love wash over me

covering all of my sins and whispering

I give you my all.