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This Call Is For You

How do you get quiet enough in our noisy,

fast paced world

to experience Easter?

While all of nature seems to have come alive outside my window

my heart longs

to watch with Him

to wait with Him

to stand with Him.

Not out of obligation or duty.

Certainly not because it’s the thing to do.

No, I simply yearn to be there with Him.

And so I steal some moments of quiet in the dark of the night

while many sleep

and I try to imagine I was there

and I pray.

Or sometimes I get up early and slip quietly to a comfy chair

and simply wait in His Presence.

But maybe it’s not where I am.

Maybe it’s just coming to Him.



Just as I am.


To stand as it were at the foot of the cross

and reflect on the finished work of Christ.

march 26 springTo reconsecrate myself to His service.


He gave His all.

His love demands my all.

My soul, my life, my all.

Unworthy as I am.

Letting His Love wash over me

covering all of my sins and whispering

I give you my all.


Living In The Light

Years ago Easter meant going to church is a pretty new dress, white gloves and hat, shiny new shoes.

Years ago Easter meant coloring eggs and baskets overflowing with chocolate bunnies and yellow peeps.

Years ago Easter meant the mixed of smells – an Easter lily and a ham baking in the oven; a coconut cake with a green coconut nest on top filled with colored jelly beans.

Laughter and smiles of beloved family members I hold dear.

Childhood memories fade though as my heart embraces Easter today.

My heart awakened to its own sinfulness,

my desperate need for a Savior,

His Love taking my place on the cross

so that I can have life everlasting.

It is the wonder of His Resurrection that keeps breaking through my thoughts

filling me with hope

that no matter how dark the moment

no matter how difficult the burdens

that He is ALIVE


Death had no hold on Him.

He breaks the power of canceled sin

and sets the prisoner free.

Yes, my heart sings and sings.

He still sets prisoners free again and again and again.

Let’s move into our world living in the light of His Resurrection

Let’s add value to people wherever we go

easing the burdens from those who are broken

a cool hand on a fevered brow

giving a listening ear

offering care and another place at the table.

Let’s live in the light of His Resurrection

and enter in the lives of others bringing them hope and blessing.

“In reality, salvation was bought not by Jesus’ fist, but by His nail-pierced hands; not by muscle but by love; not by vengeance but by forgiveness; not by force but by sacrifice. Jesus Christ our Lord surrendered in order that He might win; He destroyed His enemies by dying for them and conquered death by allowing death to conquer Him.”
― A.W. TozerPreparing for Jesus’ Return: Daily Live the Blessed Hope

May we do likewise as we live out the Easter story.









Shining Moments

Life flows along like a seemingly endless pathway

weaving threads of different colors and textures.

Some times I am suddenly drawn back to a previous time

and my heart thrills with the reminder

that yesterday, today and tomorrow are all part of the same path.

Let me share with you what happened.

Easter morning.

Everyone dressed up

sitting in the pew.

Bigger crowd than usual.

We got to the part of the service

when we turn to greet the ones around us.

I turned to the right

shook a few hands

then to the left

and greeted some more.

Then I sat down preparing for the next part of the service.

Voices began to quiet

and then I heard a voice from behind speak my name.

“Happy Easter, Miss Brani.”

I glanced over my right shoulder

and noticed a man with his hand outstretched towards me.

“Oh, thank you,” I smiled reaching back to shake his hand.

His eyes met mine

and for just a second I was reminded of him as my first grade student.

Marvelous memories of those days so long ago.

I swallowed my deep feelings before I spoke.

“Happy Easter,” I whispered back.

Yes, he was still my boy.

The years have come and gone

but those first graders have a forever place in my heart.



and tomorrow.

That short interaction was golden to me.

Just as suddenly it was announced in church

that another of my former students had been tragically killed.

My thoughts went back

way back to my first year teaching in Virginia.

He sat close to the windows.

Last one in the row.

We got the largest desk for him

he was that tall.

Always kind and respectful.

As the church sang the Easter hymn

my heart beat for my dear first graders.




You, boys and girls, gave me so much joy back then

and still do.

We are still connected through the years

by a love that does not change.

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:20

The years may come and go

but His Love for us never changes.


In a very small way

I understand. Yes, I think I can understand.