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Moving Forward Anyway

Feeling defeated?



Overwhelmed by life’s circumstances?


How do you move forward when you’re stuck in this place?





Right now take charge of your life and begin to move forward anyway

by following these 3 simple steps.

  1. Recognize what the fear is

Yes, call it by name. Write it down. Say it out loud. Whether a fear of flying or roller coasters, or beginning a small business. Pesky fears can eat at our confidence and destroy our sense of well being.  When God confronted Moses on the farside of the wilderness at Mount Horeb out of  the burning bush. (Exodus 3)  He broke through the ordinary and revealed His amazing Plan. But Moses was afraid.  What’s your fear?


  1. Ask yourself why it’s holding you back

Face it clearly. What’s been keeping your trapped? All too often our focus is on our own limitations and ourselves. We resist change and have a defeated mindset. But you can rise to the challenge and overcome by a choice to see things differently.


  1. Reset your mindset and begin to focus on the positive outcomes. Realize and embrace the resources you do have. Right now. He has promised to be with you. Always. No matter what.

You can do more than you think you can. You are more than you think you are. His power within you enables you to rise to new heights and accomplish more than you ever could in your own strength.

Ready to be an overcomer?



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Living In A Scary World

I remember that day as if it was yesterday although its been many years.

Outside the winds roared and the sirens blared

but inside in the basement of our home I huddled with my family and waited for the tornado to pass.

I pulled my Tiny Tears doll closer to myself.

I had only had a minute to grab my doll, my money jar and my Bible before I rushed down to the basement.

The wind howled harder. My stomach tightened.

Would it ever pass?

Would this long night ever end?

Visions came to mind of the flattened land that used to be an elementary school.

Just a few months earlier

before we had moved to Kansas City

a vicious tornado had swept through our community

leaving vast destruction in its path. A whole school gone.

My nine year old eyes had seen the result

making a lasting impression of sadness and loss

and the power of a tornado.

I had seen what it could do.

Sickening fear mounted within me and pulled me tighter in its clasp.

What if?

I swallowed and looked down at my doll.

She gave me no hope. Much as I loved her she now lay helplessly in my arms. She could not save me.

I glanced at my money jar resting on the table beside me.

It held all my carefully saved quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies.

But what good would that do me

if our house was destroyed like that school had been?

Much as I’d thought saving my money jar was a good idea

I now saw it’s powerlessness to do anything.

What could the money do?


Absolutely nothing.

I looked down at my small rainbow children’s Bible.

If I held it the just right way

my Bible opened right to Psalm 119.

That was especially helpful when having a Bible drill.

The sirens screamed even louder and I could hear muffled voices outside.

I watched dad walked up the stairs to check on what was happening

and my heart trembled even more.

What if?

And then suddenly I remembered the story of David and how he faced old Goliath.

I opened my Bible to where that picture was

all the while reflecting on the amazing victory God had given.

In the midst of seeming impossibilities

David cried out to God for strength and victory.

And God heard his cry.

Mean, vicious, terrifying Goliath was defeated.

My heart began to relax. I knew where my help came from.

There is terror in our world today. There is no denying it.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
― William Wilberforce

But in the midst of the terror God still whispers His peace.

Toys won’t save us. Money has only limited ability to help.


The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11

My heart is quieted as I rest in His ability. He whispers calm to all of us.

What ifs slowly diminish as we allow ourselves to be wrapped in His comfort

and trust in His Power.

That tornado passed over us that night and life returned to normal

but I will always remember  that terrifying experience.

But I learned that

God still gives peace in the midst of the storm.

Visions of destruction might easily come to mind

but let’s turn our eyes to the One Who gives victory.

Let’s remember what He has done in the past and seek hope in Him alone.

He still gives Peace.

He still gives Hope.

He still gives victory.

May our response to every what if be —

so what. Our trust is in Him.

Nestled in His care we can live each day with confidence and courage.





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It Seems Like Yesterday

It seems like yesterday

that I traveled to Russia to adopt my daughter.

I can remember that special time in Russia, the sights, the people

in vivid color.

It seems like yesterday that I brought her home

and began the journey of single parent.

Yes, like yesterday.

It seems like yesterday that I traveled to Russia to adopt my youngest daughter.

Memories of a fairyland winter in Kostroma come to mind.

Picturesque and

Exquisitely beautiful.

And I began the journey of single parenting two.

Challenges and shining moments galore

But always sensing that I am not alone.

It seems like yesterday that I stood before my first class of first graders

knees knocking, hands shaking

feeling so inadequate and unprepared

slowly growing in confidence.

The One Who called gave me all that I needed to meet every challenge along the way.

Yes, it seems like yesterday

that I began to write.

First a poem here, a short story there

discovering my voice

and learning to write.

It seems like yesterday that I won an award for a poem I had written in seventh grade

but many, many years were to follow  where I only wrote in my journals.

And it seems like yesterday that I sold an article and realized that I was a writer.

Called to write

Challenged to write

Carried as I write

For I am never alone.

It seems like yesterday that I wrote that page that is now yellowed with age

With a coffee stain on it.

Time flies as quickly as  puddles dry

Leaving no mark and only a memory

But deep within my soul all those memories are making me who I am today.

Does it seem like yesterday to you too?

Are there moments you cherish and altar building times you hold close?

Let each one encourage you today

For today will be like yesterday

One day.