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New Beginnings

It was a hot August day that I walked the halls of this school for the very first time.

A new beginning.

I was young, very young is seems to me now looking back,

and I came to meet with the principal and to see my classroom.

That first year of teaching in Virginia was a never to be forgotten year for me.

And that first day – I can still remember-

students flooded into the school, lots of little bodies,

and down the halls to the classrooms.

Curious. Full of energy. Some children very chatty

while others only stared. Fear written all over their small faces.

I remember standing there before my wide-eyed first graders

and wondering how in the world I would be able to teach so many.

But those boys and girls smiled and somehow their acceptance of me

encouraged my nervous heart and calmed  my uneasiness that year.

Books and papers. Going over simple procedures.

Names on each desk. A simple story. Brief introductions. Crayons and pencils.

And before I knew it

they all got on their busses and went home.

Day one complete. Relief.

Yes, more than twenty years of ‘first days’.

Standing at the door and welcoming children.

Warm supportive principals and staff.

Every year was different.  New challenges.  Changes to be made.

But always we did it as a school working together.

I remember the many, many volunteers

that shared their time

to help the teachers.

For it takes everyone’s help, doesn’t it, to do the job right?

Eager learners and some not so eager.

And then my mind races forward to those years of

watching my own daughter walk down the long, long hall

to her kindergarten classroom

and being met by the nicest teacher. Lump in throat moments.

Colorful bulletin boards.

Everything so bright and inviting.

And then another daughter walked the halls

bookbag over her back

and she, too, became a student.

I can see it still so clearly.

Yes, each new year brings waves of memories and excitement.

The sound of buses rolling brings a tinge of sadness.

Another year. A new group of students. Learning to read and do so much more.

Let’s help to make this year the very best for all the boys and girls.

We all can help in so many ways.

Volunteer to help in the classroom.

Be supportive of the teachers and staff.

Eat lunch with a child and listen to them share their day.

Above all

let’s encourage all those who are working to teach the children.

For these are our schools and these children are ours too.

Don’t miss the adventure of a new year.

Step into the action and lend a hand.

You’ll never regret it.

There is wonder and shining moments galore

inside the walls of every school

for those who look for them.




Shining Moments

Life is filled with gifts and our trip to the Culpeper Farmers Market today reminded me that we just can’t begin to count all our blessings, can we?

Fresh and natural. That’s how it all seemed today.

I’ve always enjoyed a Farmers Market whether it is a local one or one in Lancaster, PA or even one abroad.

Today was no exception.

My girls and I arose early this morning. When we arrived at the Culpeper Farmers Market my heart beat excitedly just gazing at all the colorful flowering plants and homemade breads and rolls. Fresh chickens. Green leafy spinach. Bright red plump tomatoes. Broccoli. Peas. And more. Everything was blooming with health and vitality.

What a feast!

First I counted out my dollars and bought a fresh chicken from Moving Meadows Farms. Their friendly service combined with their delicious whole wheat bread, rolls and more make this an important stop on our trip through the market. Nods and wide smiles accompanied each purchase along with a fresh hot cup of coffee.

Then we stopped at another familiar stand to purchase some delicious spinach, tomatoes and strawberries. Smiles and nods wherever we went.

Intersecting with friends I haven’t seen for years. Bustling activity.

Stand after stand overflowing with everything from exquisitely hand painted pictures, to jewelry and honey. More things to see than I could ever possibly remember.

But what shone the brightest was the spirit of the Culpeper community as we all came together on this Saturday morning in May.

Hearts touching hearts.

Life warming life.

Before my girls and I left today we made one quick stop at Clover Hill Farm. Tall vases of blooming peonies stood calling to me. Bending over to smell the fragrant flowers. I knew it would be a tough decision. All the flowers were exceptionally beautiful.

But I finally decided on a vase with some lovely deep pink peonies.

As we ended our time I glanced back at the bustling market and smiled grateful for the opportunity to have such a memorable time.

Energy. Enthusiasm. Joy.

Neighbors welcoming neighbors.

Souls touching souls.

Shining moments on an ordinary day.

Community at its best.

“Blessed are those with hearts that see the truly beautiful moments in this life.”