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Together We Can Change Our World

People matter.

Yes, in a world where many feel worthless and not good enough I long to live out loud the truth that people matter.

It was an ordinary day a few weeks ago.

While standing at the checkout counter, the gal in front of me began to talk.

“What are you two?” she asked pointing to my daughter and me.

“You always seem to enjoy yourselves.”

“She’s my daughter,” I explained “And yes we do enjoy each other.”

She shook her head and sighed.

“Not my mother and I.” Her voice dropped low so that I could hardly hear her.

Words of conflict and pain. Deep hurt and shame.

My heart leaped out to her

And in that moment I wanted to reach across and give her an ocean-size hug.

Instead I lingered expressing care.

At that moment is was as if she was the most important person in the world.

I would have done anything to have lifted her heavy burden

and given her the support that she needed.

Life can be so hard.

For days after I have remembered her.

Prayed for her.

Asking the Lord to send an awareness of His Comfort and Grace.

Praying that there would be healing in their relationship.

Thanking the Lord that He had me there at just that moment to care

And to feel her pain.

Life is so short.

All around are folks who desperately need a word of hope

And who, most of all, need to be introduced to the Lord.

The One Who will comfort and give guidance no matter how impossible

their situation seems.

Wherever you are today

please know that you matter.

The One Who knows the very number of the hairs on your head,

the One Who left heavens Glory to die for you

to give you eternal Life

is calling you to come to Him.

And around you and I are scores of others who need a word of encouragement

and hope

Take time –

Make time to meet their eyes and to listen and to care.

You have no idea the difference that will make.


I’m asking the Lord to intersect my life with the lonely, the hurting, the lost.

So I can point them to the Lord of love.

Together we can change our world.




Never Alone

My knees shook as I quickly walked down the basement steps

carrying my Tiny Tears doll, my money jar and my Bible.

Outside the wind was howling and the rain was pelting.

Sirens wailed continuously.


Shortly before my family and I moved to Kansas City, Missouri,

a  tornado had touched down completely destroying the local high school.

I remember driving by the school shocked at the complete destruction.

But on this night just a few weeks  later

a tornado was seen heading our way.

There I sat in the corner listening to the raging storm outside

and praying. Desperately praying.

Only one word came to my mind that night so long ago.


Fear surrounded me. And silent terror only visible by my tightly gripped doll.

But in addition to the fear that night so long ago

was another feeling.

Comfort. Strange as it might seem I felt comforted.

What brought this nine year old girl comfort in the midst of the storm.

My Daddy.

There with us in the basement were my parents and two brothers.

Being together with my family while the winds howled outside and the sirens blared

brought a sense of calm


it was my Daddy’s presence that  gave me peace.

Fear and peace intertwined as it were giving a strange sense of danger under control.

My doll couldn’t help me.

All the money in my jar couldn’t help me.

My Bible reminded me of the unchanging Truth.

God was with me. No matter what.

And seeing my Daddy sitting across the room

and then watching him go up the stairs to check outside

gave me an amazing sense of peace in the chaos.

Somehow I knew on that stormy night so long ago

that my Daddy would take care of me.

The years have come and gone.

I’ve faced other storms. Threatening terror.

And again and again I’ve experienced the strong sense of a Presence

With me.

I know that the Lord cares for me. Watches over me. Protects me. Provides for me.

So even when fear starts to rise and I realize my weakness

I remember.

God is with me. He is with you.

We are never alone.

And we can trust Him.

Receive His Gift of Peace right now. No matter what you’re facing.

He will strengthen you so that you don’t have to go through it alone.

Open your eyes and see.

He is here.


The Story Behind The Music

I hear the sounds wherever I go –

on every street corner

it seems in every home.

Softly muffled cries – hushed sighs.

Pain. Desperation. Loneliness.

Does anyone care?

My heart is heavy but my faith strong.

There is a God who knows out pain

and sees the hurting soul.

Yes, He draws near to those bent over in sorrow

and reaches to wipe the tears that fall.

My tears and yours.

In the past music has always soothed my soul.

I’d spend hours playing the piano – literally pouring out my heart as I touched the keys.

And as my fingers moved from white to black keys

my heart was quieted and I was at peace.

Music soothes the restless soul. Music calms the frayed nerves.

Growing up I listened to the radio late into the night

discovering the comfort of music as it drew me to the Heart of the One bigger than I.

So quite impulsively I decided to simply play the piano on Facebook Live.

Longing to reach out across the world

with the healing peace that comes from Him.

My shyness took a backseat as I determined not to focus on who would listen

or what anyone would say – how many likes, etc.

Just focus on that one – those many- who are struggling with pain and problems.

And play.

The minutes ticked by slowly as I waited for 9:00pm on Saturday night.

Usually I am preparing to retire after a long day at that time

but this evening I was alert and prepared to play for anyone who happened to listen.

Technology today can sometimes annoy me as it makes it all too easy

for people to disconnect from each other

but this time technology served Him.

At just the hour

I began to softly play – many old hymns from the past.

Focusing on the healing, soothing melodies of old.

Praying for hearts to be drawn into His Rest.

As I touched the last chord my heart was peaceful.

It was as if together – from around the world – we were drawn to worship Him.

And to remember.

One simple piano.

A few melodies of old.

And  the reminder that

He knows. He sees. He cares.

If you didn’t catch it LIVE

you can watch the replay on Facebook.

The need is great. The hour is now.

Together let’s be His Peace.


piano march 26