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Shining Moments

I just love those ‘firsts’.

The first step.

The first word.

Her first tooth.

Her first airplane ride.

Her first day of kindergarten.


For with each first I saw glimpses of the young woman she was becoming.

I saw her independence. That glorious ‘I love Jesus so much’ spirit.

And I quietly praised God

   and thanked Him for this high and holy calling.

Her first sleepover. Her first time at camp.

That first call home excitedly telling me that she was having a grand time.

Her graduation from preschool

   to fifth grade and then high school.

Sigh. The time goes by so quickly. Savor the moments.

Her first pair of glasses.

    and then contacts.

Then getting her ears pierced while holding that smudged and wrinkled

     index card with those familiar words of faith

    ‘I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.’ Phil. 4:13

Giggles and smiles.

Shouts of joy.

Fast forward to high school.

Youth groups and jobs.

Dogsitting and caring for children. Learning and laughing.

Growing more confident with each step of the journey.

Bible well-worn and favorite verses marked.

God’s grace so evident

    Sometimes confident

       Sometimes with fear but always going forward.

First laptop

First acceptance to college.

First year started with apprehension and questions.

First year completed. More celebrations and cheers.


    we all experience them.

      Oftentimes with others cheering us wildly along the way.

We all know that life is filled with challenges

   but cherish those firsts.

   Don’t take any of them for granted.

Get out the special dishes and crystal

Light the candles and have ice cream.

Moment by moment He’s promised to walk with us.

Listen to His cheers over you

    Catch the beauty of His singing

 as He celebrates your accomplishments.

Let the wonder of His Love surround you with special love notes.

And if by chance you know someone who is experiencing a first today

    join with them in celebration.

    It’s a never to be repeated achievement!

This mother’s heart is overflowing

    to be able to once again

     celebrate another ‘first’.


Celebrate the Moments

Mondays wash day. Tuesdays ironing.  Wednesdays cleaning. And so the week went. My Pennsylvania Dutch Mom believed in a routine for everything. But even though the plan covered the necessary chores and responsibilities, it didn’t address the need we all have to celebrate the moments.

Celebrate life. Celebrate togetherness. Celebrate a job well done.

There’s always something to celebrate.

But it is all too easy to forget.

We become busy with one thing or another. Our energies get depleted and before we know it life has passed us by.


“We’re going to get a cake,” my oldest daughter announced today. Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

“A cake?”

“Yes, it’s time to celebrate. You need a cake.”

My weary eyes met hers and for a few minutes I was overwhelmed with feeling.

“Oh, I can read your eyes,” she wisely said. “It’s time for a big, luscious, Knakals cake.”


So together we walked into the well-known bakery and stared at the goodies looking particularly for the cakes. Our eyes all stared at the same cake.

“This one,” we told the kind lady behind the counter.

“What do you want me to write on it,” she asked taking the cake out.

“Love you,” my daughter said.


In a few minutes we drove home with our celebration cake. Laughter and excitement rang in our home as we got out the plates and forks.


Celebrating energizes.

Celebrating encourages.

Celebrating helps you remember what is most important in life. Who is important.

All life is meant to be celebrated.


Maybe it’s time you celebrate today too.


Yesterdays gone and tomorrow may never be. But we have this moment today. (Gaither)