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Are You?

Are you making each day your very best?

Are you pouring into the lives of those close to you?

Are you reaching out with care and living your life on tiptoe?

Are you?


It matters how we live each day.

It matters what we do and say.

It matters.

But sometimes in the rush and hurry

we forget.

Never realizing.

Never knowing.

Never seeing.


We leave undone the loving things

and end up doing the things we shouldn’t.

All the while saying that life is fine

But is it really?


Is the life you’re living a masterpiece?

Does it sparkle with love and kindness to all?

Is it filled with friendships you nurture and tend?

Is it focused on speaking a kind word everywhere?

Do you smile?

Do you stop?

Do you make it a point?

To make your life a masterpiece?

Each day. Your masterpiece.

Are you?

I Just Couldn’t Go On

I just couldn’t go on.

It was pouring rain outside. Yes, it was a warm rain but it was literally pouring.

On  my drive home from the office today I saw an elderly man walking.

Holding a red umbrella,

bent over

walking , trudging  through the heavy rain.

I just couldn’t go on.

It bothered me. Why he needed to be in the safe shelter of warmth and light

not pushing through the harsh elements.

But he was on the opposite side of the road. I was not going his way.

It would have been so easy to just keep driving.

Really, it wasn’t my problem. Or was it? My heart pondered the situation.

He was a man and I a woman. I had no obligation to help him.

But…..I couldn’t go on.

All  I know is that at that moment in time

his problem was mine.

Memories came to mind of a time years ago when a lovely lady pulled her van up beside me.

I was drenched in the heavy rain.

“Want a lift?” she called out. I looked at her smiling face and those of her kids

and proceeded to gratefully hop up into the van.

I shall never forget her kindness that day.

Now a similar situation was before me.

I just couldn’t go on.

I drove the car around and came up beside him

Rolled down the window.

He looked up at me through sheets of heavy rain.

Smiled and nodded in the direction of his destination.

I understood and smiled back so glad to know that he was home.

I watched while he slowly trudged up the wet sidewalk and then disappeared through the door.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me that opportunity. rainy evening

We are surrounded on all side by people in need.

Some are more obvious than others.

Even the smallest action of care matters

to the One Who cares for the sparrows.

Let’s write our words with hearts filled with care,

and live our lives  with eyes open to see

and hands willing to give.

Will you join me?

Let’s not pass them by. Together you and I can change this world.




Moments That Last A Lifetime

first grade teacherLife happens unexpectedly.

Yes, the good and the bad woven side by side.

But Friday was good and I am still smiling about what happened.

I was rushing to get my grocery shopping done for the week when suddenly

I heard a voice from behind.

“Hi, Miss Brani!”

I turned at that familiar greeting – the greeting that my first graders used so many times when I was a first grade teacher

and my eyes fell on a handsome young man – tall, big grin on his face.

“You remember me?”

And instantly I knew him and he gave me a big hug,

For a few minutes I was drawn back in time to when I taught this man whose face shone so brightly.

Big brown eyes. I remembered exactly where he sat.

Always a good student – a joy to teach.

We spoke for a few minutes in which he shared the exciting news of the recent birth of his little daughter.

Three kids now! Happily married. My heart swelled in pride for him as I would for my own.

My own – yes he is my boy.

You see down deep in the heart of this teacher I still carry the hearts of all those boys and girls I taught

throughout my twenty some years as a first grade teacher.

They blessed me with their child like trust and buoyant spirits.

They delighted me with their thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for life.

You see I have always believed that teaching is more than academic knowledge.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” –John Maxwell

So I cared for my students spending long hours getting to know them.

Building on this one’s strengths and that one’s interests.

Creating a sense of family and acceptance.

In the process those students became treasures in my heart that continue to bloom with richness.

And when the last day came

as it did every year

I found myself with the biggest lump in my throat.

One by one they’d pass me as they’d walk out the door of my classroom for the last time.

Moment of pride/ moment of sadness.

It was time for them to move on –

But always I’ve held them in my heart.

It never changes. No the bonds of love and care created over time

never do change.

Aren’t you glad about that?

Thank you Todd for making my day!

I’m proud of you and of all your classmates wherever they are.