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Now Is The Time

For years I thought about writing another book

but there was never enough time.

Time or energy.

I started a book set in my beloved Maine but pushed  it aside with the busyness of life.


Waiting for the right time.

But the right time never comes.

Not for me, at least.

So this year I wrote again on my list of New Years Goals

Finish your book.

January, February. March. April.

No forward movement on writing.

But suddenly in May as I was musing on the unfinished manuscript

I realized that if I only had a few days to live

there was things I wanted  my daughters to know.

A legacy, you’d say.  Words that they and scores of mothers and daughters could read.


reminding them of what matters most in a crazy, quickly changing world.

So I sat at my computer and wrote.

And wrote and wrote and wrote.

One letter after another.

Every once in a while I wiped away some tears as I poured out my heart.

This was my chance

to write it down.

The book started quickly- practically wrote itself

And when it was done I felt such a sense of satisfaction.

Yes, now I will go back and finish that partially completed fiction piece

and other books.

But no matter how many book I write in my short lifetime

This one, “Always Remember” will always hold a special place in my life.

Always remember to follow your dreams and do what you were created to do.

Don’t ever forget.

He will help you do it.

In His time. In His way.

Always remember.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”
― H. W. Thoreau





And It Came To Pass

And it came to pass…

Marvelous words that fill my heart with hope.

No matter how long the wait, how bleak the possibility

God has a time.

Nothing will prevent it from finally coming to pass.

Years ago I used to write a lot.

I enjoyed the life of seeing many of my articles, devotionals and stories in print.

But then my life changed.

Suddenly my time was spent caring for a little baby as well as working full time.

Although I rejoiced in the gift of this child

that writer side of me ached.

Alone sometimes late at night I’d write a few lines

but then sadly file them away.

It was not the season to write.

One day I shared my heartache with a friend.

“Maybe this is the time for you to experience and one day you will write again.”

Her words found a place in my heart that encouraged me as the years continued to pass.

Lord, my life to You I bring. Whatever Your will.

Twenty one years have gone pass. Amazing how they fly.

Today my book is published.

A Christmas tale that once I lived a long time ago.

Birthed at a time when I desperately needed His Touch of love.

Placed in my arms at Christmas

a child

to mother for Him.

Once more my heart sees again His Truth.

Trust Him with all your moments, all your days

And in His Time He makes all things beautiful.

Don’t chafe under the long waits and endless days when seemingly nothing happens.

He knows your Heart. Keep writing for Him.

He shall bring it to pass.


mommy and baby noelle