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Opening The Door To God

In the midst of the constant press of life

my soul hungers

yes, craves for quiet.

Sometimes it seems as if I am losing this fight

as uphill I press pushing against the noise of the day.

Longing for that still place

thirsty for Him.

And then I read this simple quote by Sarah Clarkson

“I am convinced, no, more like convicted, that to claim a few still spaces in which beauty is found and silence kept, is to open the door to God.”

and a light shone brightly along my path.

Instead of fighting against

I must claim.

Instead of trying harder

I only need to choose a few still spaces.

So with fresh resolve I now turn away from the noise

and into the beauty and silence.

Early morning walks capturing beauty all around.

Late night tea parties carving special memories in my heart.

Islands of conversation here

and a song quietly played there.

Claiming the beauty

Savoring the quiet.

And as I do so

I. too. a, finding the door to God opening

and with it



april 18 bench




What’s In Your Way?

spring flowers1There is something exciting about writing a new blog.

Burdens are temporarily lighter and I finally am able to put words to heart

and sentences to feelings.

Yesterday I went out to run a few miles but found myself surrounded by so much beauty

flowering trees, sparkling water fountains, and birds –

lots of singing birds. I had to stop.

I slowed my pace, came to a halt and reached inside my jacket for my cell phone.

It’s one of those that I can use to take photos.

With my attention focused on a gorgeous blooming deep pink azalea

I tried to focus my camera


however I turned it

all I could see was my own face.

My frustration mounted as I moved the camera this way and that way

but nothing worked.

The only photo that I could take had me in the forefront.

I finally gave up, put the camera back in my pocket and ran the rest of the way home.

“All I could take was myself,” I groaned to my almost 21 year old.

She reached her hand out for my phone and showed me the place to click.

“Somehow that got turned on but you can turn it off here,”

But why in the world would people want to take photos of themselves so much

that there is something you have to turn on and turn on?

It still puzzles me.

In a world where we are surrounded with beauty on every side

gifts from the Father’s Hand

treasures to be cherished.

Oh I’m all for a photo here and there

But why focus on ourselves when He is the Altogether Lovely One.

It has me thinking still –

Am I so obsessed with myself

to the point that I miss all that is around me at times.

Forgive me, Lord. Help me to lift my eyes higher

and give me Your Eyes to see what is most important in a quickly changing world.

Open my eyes that I might see –

Glimpses of truth Thou hast for me.






Shining Moments

Powerful truth that changes lives!

Focus on the good

and the beautiful

and what is going well

and we will see more.

The other side is also true.

Focus on the negative

the disappointing

the ugly and tragic

and we will see more.

A friend of mine recently posted this stunning photo

of our Virginia countryside on Facebook.

It touched me

and reminded my again of why I love this area so much.

Beauty all over

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.


although surrounded by beauty on every side

It is all too easy to not see it

to become blinded

as it were

in the routine of life

and the overwhelming challenges we all face.

Wherever you live

there is beauty to be found.

Just look

it’s there.

Those powerful words come to mind.

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true,

       whatsoever things are honest,

       whatsoever things are just,

       whatsoever things are pure,

        whatsoever things are lovely

        whatsoever things are of good report;

       if there be any virtue and if there be any praise

       think on these things.”
 Have you tried it?

When I discipline my thoughts to focus on the true,

the lovely, the pure, etc.

it changes my perspective.

I see even more that is true, lovely, pure, etc.

It is sad but true that we can be surrounded by thousands of gifts

of beauty and goodness

but fail to see them.

So let’s open our eyes

let’s look all around us

and intentionally see what we can see.

All the while praising the One

Who has gifted us in so many ways.

Beauty all around us.

In the smile of a  child,

the song of a bird,

the rolling hillside

the kind action of a friend.

Beauty that shines brightly

reminding us that we are never alone.

There is One Who walks with us.