Ready to Start

Take this quiz and see if you’re ready for coaching.
Rank each statement from 1-5 on how true each statement is.

1. I have a desire to grow. (Motivation must come from within you).

2. I value working with another and I’m willing to ask for help when I need it.

3. I am committed to following through on action steps.

4. I am willing to discuss my journey with another.

5. I appreciate feedback from my coach and others.

6. I am willing to invest the necessary time and money in coaching.

7. This is the right time for me to do this. I have the motivation to begin now.

    Add the numbers

25 - 35 — Absolutely. You are ready!! What are you waiting for? Contact me today.
10 - 25 — Still getting ready? That’s fine. Let’s talk.
0 - 9 — Not now? What’s standing in your way? Let me know below how I can help you.

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