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Shining Moments

Until we learn to say no

our yes doesn’t have much meaning.

Until we are able to say

‘that’s what I have to give’

others will just keep taking

and we will become drained and useless.

Being nice

is fine

but trying to please everyone

only leads to a life of confusion and lack of purpose.

So what do you do?

Begin to set boundaries.

Begin to see what you are responsible for

and what is not within your responsibility.

Start to examine what are your limits

and then communicate them to others.

Know what you have to give.

I’m often reminded in the story of the Good Samaritan –

how after caring for the traveler found beaten along the path

he made arrangements for his further care at an inn.

He knew his limits. He didn’t have to do it all.

Obedience to our Lord involves our listening to His Voice

and following Him.

We must know what He calls us to do

and also what is not our responsibility.

The ocean has limits

and yes, so do I.

Living a life of purpose, peace and passion

calls for us to establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

Do you know how to say no, my friend?

If not, seek the help of a coach

to learn this important skill.

Your life will then begin to flourish.

What’s Your Passion?


What energizes you? What could you do easily for hours? What leaves you longing to do more?

One of the marks of a truly successful life is one that is filled with a sense of deep purpose, one that is passionate and also is at peace.

Many years ago one of my favorite TV shows was Roy Rogers. Every Saturday morning I looked forward to the next episode. I was sad upon hearing Happy Trails at the close of the show knowing that it would be another whole week until I saw my favorite program again. I was shocked that Saturday when my Dad surprised the whole family by taking us to see the Roy Rogers Show in person in Kansas  City,Mo.I, who was nine, at the time don’t remember many of the details of that magical day but I do know that when Roy and Dale introduced all of the members of their large family, many of whom they had adopted, I prayed that one day I could adopt too.

That was the beginning of my interest in adoption.

Even though it would be thirty-five more years until I would adopt my own little girl from Russia, the desire was there within me. My interest was strong. My passion was growing.

Today having experienced two international adoptions my heart yearns to help the orphan and to encourage others who long to adopt themselves.

This passion spills over in many ways. I have book shelves filled with books about adoption. I have many friends who have adopted themselves. And I participate in a church that is supportive of adoption.

So what is your passion? What turns you on?

Our passions are connected with deep inner longings. God created us with these longings and desires. Listen to yours. Maybe there is something that you’ve needed to do but haven’t acted on yet.  Your passions are a vitally important part of you. When  you begin to live out your passions your life will take on a new energy and a fresh excitement.

You’re never too old.


What’s your passion?



Reach For Your Best

What one thing should you eliminate from your life because it holds you back from reaching your full potential?

This question continues to challenge me as I plan for the future. Does it challenge you?

I encourage you not to dismiss it but to chew on it and see what thoughts you might have.

We have focused on the importance of good eating habits, getting adequate sleep, and exercise. But let’s consider our thoughts.

Many times I have worked with folks who have everything going for them. Their hearts are right. Their physical habits great. But there is one thing lacking. Their thoughts tend to be negative.

Yes, thinking negatively is like sand in the machinery. It holds you back. Slows progress.  Retards growth. Keeps you stuck.

Sometimes our habits of thought have been set since childhood. It takes intentional action to change them to a positive direction. But it can be done. Thinking positively changes everything. It unlocks energy.

Pay attention to your thoughts today. Challenge them. Ask yourself is that really true?

What holds you have from reaching your full potential today?

Listen to your thoughts.