Monthly Archives: January 2022

Help For Those Who Struggle

Hope. There is always hope. And hope has a name. His name is Jesus.

 For a long time she saw no hope so I believed for her. Her wounds were deep. The betrayals cruel.

Many times when I was with her I felt helpless. But I had been once where she was. I understood.

 Stones can hurt. Words can leave lasting scars. “I don’t see how to go on” she cried. “I don’t know where to turn.” Gently I reminded her of one who would never let her go and I also would walk with her. Slowly the sobs eased she got a job and moved.

Until years later quite by accident I ran into her. Smiles and warmth- She introduced me to her handsome husband and small curly haired toddler.

“You’ll never know how much your caring presence meant to me back then. God used you to bring life back to me”

I felt the tears behind my eyes as I gave her a hug.

 How grateful I was for the privilege of walking with her through the most difficult of times.

As I remember again today I know we all are surrounded with hurting people

 Please don’t walk on by

 Please don’t minimize their pain.

Please make time to reach out and care.

 Be the hope for another.