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Seeing With Your Heart

Many years ago I worked in a Head Start program for the summer.

Precious memories of those energetic four year olds flood my mind.

All different colored eyes and shapes.

A variety of backgrounds

Two wearing glasses and some struggling with very simple skills

but all so eager to learn. For school.

I was preparing to be a teacher and loved this chance to work with these kids –

many whom had much less of this world’s advantages than I.

I left early to go to work each day. As if I couldn’t get enough of my time there.

Giggles and laughter.

Learning and growing.

I remember sitting at

the large wooden rectangular table

at snack time. Littles ones on each side.

Wiggly  bodies. Tiny little hands. Beads of sweat on their noses sometimes.

Dimples. Grins.

They’d chatter back and forth and I absorbed every moment of their delightful company.

For the first time I knew that I was in my niche.


My eyes saw treasure and potential and value.

But my heart pulled me to look beneath the surface

and so I gazed with wonder.

I did the math and saw that the year I was 16

they were born.

Me, dealing with Latin, Geometry, friends, music and so much more

and their tender lives just beginning.

Me, living with advantages  and them with so little. Heartbreaking little.

Some needing a good bath and their nails clipped.

Others obviously needing so much more. Why was it so?

My heart saw their innocence. Their worth.

My heart saw their possibilities.

My heart saw their disadvantages

and I longed to do more

be more

give more.

Yes, the years have passed but I still see those precious little ones

and am grateful for that brief summer

when I was privileged to work with them.

All around us are folks with many, many needs.

It is all too easy to not even see them.

to be blind to the disadvantages, the needs whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual of another.

But we must resist that tendency – the numbing of our senses.

Lord, open my eyes and help me to see

and open my heart to respond to the needs calling to us all around.

See with your heart and it will change your life.

It continues to change mine.

How about you?



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You Are An Overcomer

Keep calm.


Breathe deep.

You are an overcomer as you put your trust in Him.

Whatever you are facing now

is small

compared to our God.

Whatever you are fearful of

is puny

compared to our God.

those thoughts that come

those  critical voices you hear

saying that you are not enough

you will never be enough

are lies.

All lies.

Quiet yourself and breathe in His Promises.

He has promised to never, never leave you

and you can count on Him.

So arise today.

Stand tall and face your fear.

Remember who you are – an overcomer.

And most of all,

Remember who He is.

The Great and Mighty God – your Defender, Provider,

and constant Strength.

He doesn’t change the way people do.

No, He is for you

and because He has already overcome

you have too.

It’s time to praise the Lord and dance for joy.

The victory is yours.

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How Do You See Yourself

Defeatists see themselves as whooped, flat, ‘down and out’ with no hope of change.

Overcomers see themselves as eventually winning, succeeding, crossing the victory line with sweat running down their faces.

Who are you?

It’s easy to feel defeated.  Surrounded by problems, tragedy and loss.

It’s easy to be discouraged and think that failure is your middle name.

It’s all too easy to join the ranks of the down and outers

thinking that it can’t possibly happen.

But aligning yourself with truth – His Truth- makes all the difference.

He says that we are overcomers – ‘for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.’ I John 5:4 NIV

By letting that change your mindset

letting it permeate your very being

seeing yourself connected with the very One Who overcomes the harshest reality

again and again and again

changes everything.

dark to light

sadness to joy

poverty to riches

You are an overcomer. Seize that truth for today and face each challenge knowing the truth.

Orphans becoming chosen

Blind now seeing

Deaf hearing for the first time.  The lame running. Proclaiming His Glory.

Arise today knowing who He has made you to be

and live each moment with gusto.

Today is the day.

Your day.

His day to show victory in this dreary, helpless and hopeless world.

Let Him do it through you., won’t you?

Dance, my friend, and claim your true identity.

Let me know how it’s going so that I can cheer for you.

Arise and overcome.



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