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More Than 10,000 Butterflies In Flight

The simple trust of one human heart thrills God more than 10,000 butterflies in flight.

For within that heart there is a story more often untold

-a story filled with suffering and pain

-a story of second chances and beginning again and again and again.

His loving Heart looks down in all tenderness and woos the wounded one to trust one step at a time.

For trusting is easy to talk about but oft times so difficult to do.

Standing in the pool with open arms

I urged my little one to jump.

But again and again she retreated in fear.

“No Mommy, I can’t” she sobbed.

My aching heart understood and patiently waited for her to grow closer.

And so His Heart looks down on you and me

and wills us to trust Him

to take that step of faith

to forgive and let go

to move forward in life.

Choices and changes that take sometimes years and years to do.

But He ever so lovingly waits with wide open arms.

And when that moment comes and we lay all our brokenness down

and are carried on wings of faith to new heights

Yes, He smiles with delight.

No, the flight of 10,000 glorious butterflies could not thrill Him more.


Suddenly She Smiled And Everything Changed

You are not ordinary.

Absolutely not.

No one is ordinary. Everyone we meet is one made in the image of God.



Alive because of Him.

A few days ago I went to a place of business.

The dreaded decision was made.

They either give me a promo or I’d have to drop the TV.

I stepped to the counter and faced a tall, serious faced woman.

My heart dropped.

Suddenly I noticed her gorgeous earrings.

Beautiful blue dangling earrings. They looked so attractive on her.

She checked the computer in front of her

busily pulling up my account

while I watched those beautiful earrings.

I felt happy just looking at them.

“Those are lovely earrings,” I commented.

Immediately her face lit up. She smiled at me

and began telling me where she’d bought them.

An impersonal, ordinary moment was

suddenly transformed with light

as we spoke.

Her smile warmed my heart

and it didn’t really matter anymore

about the account or the changes I must make.

We spoke a few more minutes and then I turned and

I walked out of the building but with a lighter step and a happy heart.


Maybe it was because I had touched the life of another woman

on an ordinary day.

A woman who struggles with bills and pressures and deadlines

just like I do.

And in that few minutes of sharing we built a path of understanding

and care.

Yes, everyone who crosses our path is human too.

No one is ordinary!

For a long time I will hold that memory in my heart

of that woman with the lovely earrings

and of the difference that it made when I spoke to her with kindness.