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One Donut Hole And Triple the Pleasure

knakal'sSome of life’s greatest lessons are experienced in the most ordinary settings.

Such is how it was this past Saturday when my girls and I walked into the local bakery.

As our eyes took in the almost empty shelves

we realized that we had come too late.

But together we decided to get some delicious horns and brownies.

While the lady behind the counter filled a box

we all noticed one lone donut hole.

“Can we have that one?” my oldest said pointing to the hole.

At first she was reluctant

but seeing our eager eyes

she  agreed.

Three pairs of eyes watched as she reached in way to the back and took that small donut hole.

“No charge,” she said handing it to my oldest daughter and proceeded to ring up the rest of our purchase.

Meanwhile we all shared that delicious donut hole.

Yes, three bites and smiles all around.

What one person might dismiss as of little value

another might see as being special.

We enjoy so many of life’s pleasures by sharing them.

Portion size doesn’t  matter.  Matter of fact our joy overflows in the sharing.

One small donut hole and I am still thinking about it.

Maybe there are more things in life

that are small

and seem to be of little value in this world that values money, position and beauty

but are treasures in disguise.

The elderly lady that lives alone.

And the  old man who slowly walks the street every day.

The young child

That simple job that no one seems to notice or value.

That blog

or article that one labored to write but now seems so simple

in a complex society with a different focus.

Little is big when God is in it.


Let’s not forget that, my friends.

Take A Step Towards Happiness Today

new blogEarly this morning I laced my running shoes and took to the roads.

The wind blew hair freely and

I began to think

and pray as my feet hit the hard pavement.

One step after another

back and forth

an ordinary day and an ordinary run.

But all of a sudden as I rounded the bend

my eyes fell on a small colorful flag in front of someone’s lawn.

I stopped running and walked over to the flag.

There was something that pulled me to see what it said.


Like words from above the words sank into my heart.

Enjoy- yes, enjoy.

Drink deeply of those things that mean so much.

Ladybugs and butterflies,

Laughter in the walls of our home.

Stars that twinkle overhead and m&m moments.

It is all too easy to be overwhelmed by the tasks and decisions of the day.

We all have them.

Life can get so complicated, can’t it?

But in the midst of all of that

there are those little things.

The smile of a baby,

a card from a friend

the call from a loved one

and that sip of cold iced tea.

All blessed gifts from above that smooth the way and encourage the weary pilgrim.


I love that word because it reminds me to savor the moments

rather than just letting them slip by unnoticed.

Ponder the good.

Hold tight to the quickly passing ‘now’.


Little things –

little people,

little actions

pay close attention to the small things.

I find it all too easy to be so focused on what I am doing and need to get done

that I miss the important.

The rising of the sun on a new day

The fragrance of the blooming lilac

That slight hint of a smile on one whose been battered by life’s trials but is beginning to feel hope.

Hold fast to the little things.

As I began to run again I knew that I had been given my focus for the day.

Let go of the complicated and big.

Step back from the constant doing, doing, doing


Seems like I remember One saying long ago,

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33)

ENJOY, my friend

Yes, join me won’t you in enjoying the little things today.



That Unforgettable Red Hat

red hat 1There was no question about it –

Mother’s Day was a day to celebrate our mother.

And back then it meant walking to the local 5 & 10 store to buy the perfect gift.

I will never forget that year when I was eight and my brother ten.

We talked together in whispered voices in our room

and counted out change –

dumping out all the pennies, nickels and dimes onto  our bed from our money jars

our savings from weeks and weeks of quarter allowances.

That year it hardly seemed enough

but it was all we had.

And if we put our money together we thought  we just might be able to buy something really nice.

That particular day as we walked back and forth in the aisles of the store

we saw nothing that caught our eyes. Absolutely nothing!

Jewelry, purses, delicate figurines of birds, etc –

Nothing was quite good enough

for our one –in–a-million mom.

I was just turning to leave when my eyes fell on a red hat.

It was beautiful as it perched on the holder for all to see.

I reached over and tugged at my brother’s sleeve

and pointed.

“That’s it,” he said looking at me with excitement.

But almost at the same time we wondered.

Would we possibly have enough money to buy it? It was so pretty —

He glanced up at the carefully tucked under price tag

and pulled it out  to see the cost.

I immediately knew that it would be close and wondered if we had enough to buy such a beautiful gift.

We pulled out our bag filled with all our savings.

“We’ve got it,” my brother doing some mental figuring  and my heart jumped for joy.

I could just imagine our Mom wearing this gorgeous  red hat.

“Can I help you?” a voice from behind us asked.

I turned and looked up at this very tall, straight faced  woman.

“We’d like to buy this hat..for our mother.”

She reached over and took the hat off  its stand

and began walking towards the checkout.

My brother and I followed closely behind her.

There at the counter we counted out our pile of change.

Yes, all those pennies and nickels and dimes

and surprisingly we had enough. My brother was right!

Just enough to buy the best Mother’s Day gift in the world.

Yes, I can still see us walking, practically skipping home that day.

And I can still remember my mom’s smiling face

when she opened that box and took out that hat.

Sometimes words don’t even have to be spoken.

We knew,

my brother and I,

that she liked it.

Well the years have come and gone

I have no idea whatever happened to that hat

but the memory of that time will stay with me forever.

If hats are worn in heaven she is proudly wearing that red one today.