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Shining Moments

Guard your treasure!

Hold onto it. Take care of it. Take the necessary steps to increase it.

Your health is one of your treasures.

A gift given by the Creator.

It is all too easy while we are young to waste it,

abuse it,

or squander it.

But our health has been given to enable us to live out our purpose here on earth.

Many times we don’t know how important something is

until we lose it.

So what can you do?

Take steps to improve your diet

by avoiding what is harmful and eating more of what will benefit your health.

Exercise regularly

Get adequate sleep

Drink plenty of water

Maintain a healthy weight

Lower harmful stress


Small steps make big results.

Ask yourself, what one step can I take to improve my health and increase my wellness?

In the midst of a busy lifestyle

it is all too easy to ignore ones own health.

Get yourself a coach…

someone who is familiar with the necessary steps needed to move into wellness.

someone who will work with you to meet your goals.

Yes, guard your treasure.

It’s an investment that you will never regret.

Take a step forward today!


Shining Moments

The smallest thing you do

lives on.

That smile you give

the simplest of gestures

from holding a door

to picking up someone’s newspaper for them

It matters

and lives on long after the moment.

We so often forget this.

You and I

in the busyness of life.

But as I look at the blooming daffodils waving in the breeze

I remember a time long ago.

I was in college

more than six hours from our home.

Working hard on my studies

but missing home.

Although the signs of spring encouraged my heart

I was facing a huge mountain of work

and wondering how in the world I would get everything done in time.

Lost in these thoughts one morning

I walked into my dorm and noticed a glass jar holding a bunch of blooming daffodils.

The beauty of it drew me

and I stepped over to the desk to look at them more closely.

How I wish I had the words to describe their loveliness.

It was as if their smiling faces were all looking up at me

saying, “You can do it.”

My eyes wandered down to a small piece of paper attached to the glass.

Instantly I blushed with mixed delight and embarrassment as I read my name.

They were for me!

Yes, a very kind young man placed them there that morning

and today more than forty years later

I still remember.

He probably never knew

how greatly that act impacted my life.

It was so unexpected..

caught me completely my surprise

and so simple a deed.

One glass jar with the Fredonia insignia on its side

and a handful of blooming daffodils in water.

That memory lives on

warming my heart today.

Don’t ever let yourself believe that what you do has little value.

More than likely you do not know.

Maybe 40 years from today someone will be remembering a kind act of yours.


Shining Moments

Blooming daffodils covered with snow

encouraged my spirits this morning.

The moment I saw them my heart ached.

My beautiful daffodils bent low with snow.

Not what you would expect in March but there it was.

I stooped to brush off the snow

and gently smoothed their petals.

Immediately they stood a little taller

and I knew that with the rising temperatures

they would soon bloom beautifully again.

There are times when life can suddenly throw heavy burdens our way.

Unexpected challenges

can cause our spirits to droop

our attitudes to dip

and our hearts to quiver.


like those daffodils,

we were not meant to be under burdens.

No, we were not meant to carry it ourselves.

There is One

Who sees all

and knows all.

One Who stoops to brush off the load

or carry it

if need be.

Let’s remember Who He is

and who we are.

Let’s see Him tenderly touching us with love

knowing the reason we are bent

and let the wonder of His forever Love

lift our spirits once again

allowing us to fulfill  the purpose for which we have been created.

Lift your spirits, my friends.

You are not alone.

There is One Who walks beside you

and He cares for you.