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Shining Moments

Last night we gathered around the piano

singing and playing those old, familiar songs

voices blending together.

One after another.

from Amazing Grace to Great is Thy Faithfulness


outside the strong winds blew

and the rains poured.

Life is a lot like that, isn’t it?

Singing and hearts uplifted inside

all the while

the storm raged outside us.

The music seemed to diminish the harsh sounds of the storm,

at least it changed our focus,

passing the time until the storm passed.


How do I have peace in a world that is raging with problems

and heartbreaks?

Come to Me in your singing, He whispers again.

Sing with all your heart

one song after another

clap to the music, stamp your feet if you wish

but sing with all your heart to Me.

Safely sheltered inside

nestled under His Wings

we are strengthened and quieted by the music.

At midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners

   heard them. (Acts. 16:25)

Are you facing a midnight?

Does it seem dark and scary?


yes, sing praises to the One and Only One.

Lord, lift our hearts out of our circumstances and into Your Grace.

Out of the midnight and into Your Light.

Just begin

with a little phrase or two

and the song will begin to sing itself

pushing the darkness away

drowning out the sound of thunder and winds.

Sing with all your heart, my friends.

Sing and just keep singing.

Shining Moments

Just suppose our world was filled with talking animals and burning bushes.

Rainbows and angels

and things we could not see

but still were there.

I was reading this morning the story of Balaam (Numbers 22)

and wondered about this donkey who suddenly spoke.

Was it really the donkey or was it God speaking through him?

The Presence of God broke forth into his situation.

and Balaam knew it.

It was a moment that he never forgot.

The One Who was still surrounds us with His Presence.

Wherever we are

Whatever we are facing.

He knows

He sees

He cares.

Day after day He surrounds us.

We may try to ignore Him

but He is ever with us.

We may try to hide

but His Love is relentless.

No, I’ve never seen a burning bush

or heard a talking animal

but I’ve experienced a touch of His Glory and Goodness and Grace.

Have you?

We live surrounded by His Glory.

The more we gaze upon Him

our daily struggles look different.

Seen in the light of His Ability

our choices are different.

Our thoughts uplifted.

Yes, C.S. Lewis said it well in these words,

“The world is crowded with Him. He walks everywhere incognito.”

Let that truth encourage your heart and warm your spirit

wherever you are today

filling your day with shining moments all over.


Shining Moments

The moment I laid eyes upon it

I knew that it was special.

An extra soft, pink baby blanket.

Even as I bought it that Saturday so many years ago

I pictured myself covering my little baby girl with it.

Little did I realize how special that blanket was to become.

I packed it carefully in my luggage

when I traveled to Russiain 1993.

Then I took it with me to the orphanage on the night

that extraordinary night, December 24,

when I dressed my baby girl

in her very own—just for her clothing

and walked out of the orphanage under the stars

holding my baby in my arms.

Wrapped in that super soft, pink blanket.

Sweet memories.

Through a move

and many life changes

she has held onto that blanket.

Yes, it became somewhat frayed around the edges

so we snipped a little here and a little there

but it’s still soft and beautiful

to us.

My heart reflects on the wondrous way our Lord

also wraps us in His Love and Grace

tenderly carrying us through life.

Shielding us from the jars and sharp jabs of life

here on earth.

Breathing over you and I with whispers of love and

words of peace.

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Let’s never forget that.

No matter what the circumstance

remind yourself of His covering you

and holding you close.

See His shield of protection surrounding you.

Rest in His Love even though all around you are difficulties.

Holding that little one as we rode the night train

to Moscow.

Holding her still as we flew through the air from Russia to the U.S.

When I look at that faded pink blanket

I remember how far we have come

and my heart rejoices in Him.

Wonderful care

giving us a marvelous picture of His Forever Love.

May I never forget!