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Shining Moments

The clock says only a few more hours of 2012

and I find my heart  beating with excitement and wonder.

Strange isn’t it at my age

to have this sense of excitement?

But like entering a new store

or reading a new book,

or even meeting some new folks

the very sense of newness stirs within me

curiosity and intrigue.

But that is not all.

My heart can sometimes shrink back in fear

longing to remain in the known.

God has promised that He will make all things new. (Rev 21:5)

Now that is what I hunger for.

A ‘fixed situation’ instead of brokenness and pain.

Healing in place of disease.

Refreshment instead of weariness.


and love

and laughter.

Helpless we are without Him

but as we surrender our brokenness to Him

He will give us a new beginning.

Whatever your need today

He is more than able to give you a new beginning.

Now that’s what I anticipate.

A fresh start.

A new plan.

A Waythat works.

So with our hearts focused on Him

having Him as our vision

let’s eagerly embrace 2013.

He longs to give us gifts throughout our life.

Day by day

strength we find to meet our trials here.

Yes, strength and wisdom and help all along the way.

His wonders never cease.

Well, about 13 more hours to go now.

Let’s get down on our knees and worship the Lord of all.

Surrender our brokenness

Pour out our hearts before Him

and listen to His gentle Words of promise.

I am praying for you

that this coming year will be a time of growth for you.

Moving forward

Pressing toward the mark.

Throwing off those weights that continue to drag us down

and receiving grace for the journey.

How about it?

Are you ready?


Shining Moments

Building a satisfying life

is like preparing a recipe.

Adding one ingredient at a time.

Making sure to follow the plan.

Checking from time to time to see if it is going well.

I find that shining moments from the past

oftentimes shed light on today.

It did again this Christmas.

From the time I was a very young girl

I used to help my mother in the kitchen.

We work together side by side for hours

preparing the most delicious shoofly pies,

funny cakes,


chicken dishes


So when the holidays come

I open the wooden recipe box and pull out the old familiar cards

and gather the ingrdients.

Like days of long ago when my mom and I would laugh and talk

today my daughters and I


and share

for hours as we bake together.

Shining moments all around.

This year was no exception.

Early in the morning

the day before Christmas

we gathered together to make the filling.

An old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe.

Slightly wet the bread,

pass it down to the next person

and break it into pieces.

Add some turkey broth,

some meat

an egg


and keep stirring.

My girls and I laughed

making more precious memories

that I will treasure for years to come.

Do you continue some traditions from the past?

Are you adding some new ones?

As I watch my girls

now growing into beautiful young women

I realize how precious this time is.

In just a little while they will have families of their own

and maybe passing on their own good times.

Gifts from the Father’s hand

always to be cherished.

One day at a time

one activity at a time

building lives of love and life and laughter.

Building lives secure in the Father’s forever love.

Generation after generation

following in His steps.

Enjoy today

and those around you.

Let’s be

praising our Savior all the day long.

Shining Moments

Love came down at Christmas

and still does.

It wraps its arms around us

like the pink blanket that I wrapped around my precious daughter

on that night so many years ago.

It covers us with amazing Love

and keeps giving and giving.

I find myself increasingly aware of need for Him

my total emptiness without the Lord.

Christmas time

sparkles with hope and healing for all.

A little one in upstate New York

recovering from critical surgery.

My heart rejoices with this family.

Another family celebrates the birth of their little daughter.



Glorious good news.

But the greatest of all

is Jesus.

We sang Happy Birthday to Him this year.

Did you? Chocolate cake. Candle shining in the dark.

And now as I watch the snow fall outside my upstairs window

covering all the dirt

my heart beats with wonder and praise.

What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Oh, Lord,

cover us again with your righteousness

Your sacrifice

Your love.

Christmas is more than just a day.

It’s a spirit

of love and glorious heavenly joy.

So today as you continue to celebrate Christmas 2012

Hold your family close.

Treasure the moments

and more than that.

Linger at the manger

letting some of the mystery become yours.

Christmas is not meant to be wrapped away

packed away,

stored away.

No, Christmas joy is a fragrance that lingers

adding meaning and purpose to each moment of our lives.

His heart invading yours and mine.

His Love touching us at our deepest needs.

Strengthening us for the journey.

Becoming everything to us.

Some say

He is reason for the season.

Yes, He is not only the reason but also the Heart of Christmas

the Christmas Song that keeps singing.