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shining moments

Have you ever longed for something so much that you could practically feel it?

Have you ever gone from day to day

thinking about ways to make this desire come to pass?

Have you prayed and prayed

wondering if somehow the answer was no

but you just hadn’t figured that out yet?

From the time I was old enough to play with dolls

I longed for my own little, sweet smelling baby.

I spent hours playing with my dolls

imagining myself as the Mommy.


life did not unfold for me the way I had expected.

My desire to have a child remained. Waiting.

Years went by until the fall of 1993.

I completed home study papers and by Thanksgiving was notified

that a little baby girl in Russia was available.

From the minute I saw her picture I knew she was the one.

Joy overflowing.

Shining moments all over the place.

It was a cold day that December 17th when I flew to Russia to meet her.

Never to be forgotten moments.

Heart in throat

Stomach knotted days

But on that day when I laid eyes upon her

the sweetest little baby girl with big brown eyes

and a smile that melted my heart

I experienced the wonder of my desire come to fulfillment.

The long years of wait

just added to the joy.

She was worth it

worth all the days of longing and wondering.

Well once more

I am experiencing the wonder of a desire coming to fulfillment.


not another child. Smile.


it’s a new website for Heartprints Coaching.

In just a few days you will see.

A long awaited desire

come to pass.

Some things take a long time to come together.

Waits are hard challenging our faith.


in the end

it is not only worth the wait

but the joy

that incredible sense of overwhelming joy in God’s goodness

celebrates His Timing

and His Way in our life.

So keep holding on, my friends.

Never give up.

Trust the One Who loves you more than anyone else.

His Way is always best.

Right down to the very hour.

shining moments

People matter.

All people.

You and you and you.

No matter how old I get

I’m still fascinated with people.

Again and again people share with me their struggles in relationships.

Lonely voices struggling to believe that there’s a God who cares.

Sure, people might be there in a crisis

but I want a friend who will share life with me.

Yes, that’s what they say

and my heart understands.

A friend for all kinds of weather.

A friend who is committed to being there.

But in our fast paced world of technology

deep relationships are harder to form.

They take time

and most of all, heart.

There are limits to how many close friends one can have.

but the voices of the lonely cause me to wonder.

Are we missing out on one of the greatest opportunities on earth?

Growing to know someone

and being there for them for the length of days.

Fair weather friends, we used to call them.

The ones who would be there while things were going well

but seemed to disappear when you really needed them.

I believe that people need more than that. You need more than that.


then again,

it takes commitment.

A ‘wanting to’ by both.

Lonely voices,

I hear them every day.

Looking for someone who will care.

How can we speak about a God who cares

when we are never there.

Running in and out




but no time to even know our neighbors.

My heart beats with passion as I remember these precious words,

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind

and love your neighbors as yourself.” Luke 10:27

A commitment to grow a friendship

might well be the greatest gift we can give.

Moving in

While others stay outside

Breathing words of reassurance and care.

Slowly building a relationship that will last.

Learning to love.

Yes, that’s really what it’s all about.

Learning to love another.

Out of self-interest and into you.

Teach me, O Lord, how to do that.

Shining Moments

You can do it.

Yes, you can.

Though the race is long and the hills are steep

you can do it.

Run to win, my friend.

One foot in front of the other

with your face into the wind

run on.

Many are weary

struggling day after day

facing difficult situations.

Tempted to quit.


Give up.

But push that out of your thoughts.

Never, never give up

Just keep moving.

You are never alone.

Although it might seem like you are

and the voices of those naysayers are loud.

You are not alone.

You can do it.

There is One who walks and runs beside you

One Who knows you better than anyone else.

He sings over you with love

and tenderly cares for you.

He knows your deep down weariness.

Day after day


Hold on, my friend.

You can do it.

The day will come when you will cross that finish line

and cheers will resound

announcing your victory.

You can do it.

You can do it.

Let the knowledge of His Love strengthen you this moment.

Drink in the truths that shine with incredible brightness.

He is Your God

He will never abandon you.

With His help you can do it.

One step

one day

one moment at a time.

Cling to the Rock of your salvation and know His Peace.

The peace that passeth all understanding.

And the peace of God that passeth all shall keep your hearts and minds

through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Count on His keeping power.

Today and every day.