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Shining Moments

Adopting my second daughter took longer than the first

    but it was worth all the efforts. Definitely.

So although I longed to go back to Maine with both girls

 it was a couple of years until that day came.

“Jenny, do you want to see the ocean?”

She would giggle and squeal with laughter while we told her stories and stories

   about our adventures in Maine.

I’d show her old photos

  but no picture can really capture that great expanse of water.

  She’d just have to see it with her own eyes.

Finally the tickets were bought for us to fly

  and we knew that it would really be a reality.

All three of us..


    laughing in the breeze

    gathering sand dollars and licking our ice cream cones.

I will never forget the day when she first saw the ocean with her own eyes.

Speechless joy!

Back and forth she ran

   Never having thought it was as great as this.

Yes, I oftentimes think we will feel the same way when we see Jesus.

Wonder and awe that will leave us without words

   but on our knees.

No matter how often we read His Word

  still our finite minds can not take it in.

His Glory.

His Grace.

His Power.

My simple clicking on these keys falls far in efforts to describe it.

But that radiant wonder on Jenny’s face

  as she frolicked and played

  running barefoot on the long stretch of sand

     with the seagulls overhead

  gives me a glimpse of the joy that is before us.

Pure joy.

Up ahead.

Far greater than we can think or imagine.

My heart longs for that place in Maine

   but a greater longing is for Home.

To one day see Him face to face.

How about you?

Are you ready?

May our longings spur us on to spend each day wisely

   and joyfully.

It’s coming.

Shining Moments

All things.

   Get excited about it.

   Let that truth sink deep within you.

Listen now…

  But with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

All things.

  I tend to think too small.

       To believe to little

             But the older I’m growing the more I’m beginning to realize

             what He told us all along.

With God ALL THINGS are possible.

Wow. Sound the trumpet.

     Wave your banners.

Nothing is too hard for our God.


So what are you facing today?

What mountain of a challenge is pressing on you

  causing you worry and nagging fears?

What wakes you up in the middle of the night

  making it difficult for you to go back to sleep?

David knew it when he walked up to that mean monster of a giant, Goliath.

Daniel knew it when we paced the dungeon floor eyeing the hungry lions.

Esther knew it when she sat down at the banquet table and looked at Haman in the eye.

Mary knew it as she rode that donkey being heavy with child.

Nothing is too hard for God.

When I look in front of me today I see numerous challenges to face.

Difficult situations.

Decisions needing to be made.

Much to do

   just like you.

If I look at those things I just get weary

  but when I look up

     up high above all of this

     into His loving Face

  and I think about His Promises

                               His Power

                               His Plan

I sense that I am not alone.

No, He is with me

   and All Things are possible.

Let’s not let ourselves become weakened on the journey.

  Let’s not begin to falter and doubt.

No, let’s cling to His Promises

     Share them with others

     Comfort each other with these words.

With our God, All Things are possible!




Shining Moments

Her eyes met mine and I read her deep pain

          and loss

             and confusion.

So what do you do when suddenly your mate of many years


   leaving you all alone?

How do you begin again? she wondered.

How do you fill the empty moments..

    those stretches of time when you used to always  hear his voice

        or get a text?

How do you go on?

Her heart touched mine and our tears mingled freely.

Life can be so unexpected.

Life can be so hard.

Life can leave you breathless and gasping for air at times.

While the rest of the world seems to go on

   suddenly you are left

    with a million questions and a heart filled with pain.

Some answers are common.

Take one day at a time.

It will get better.

Be grateful for what you had.

All true but sounding so small compared to the greatness of the loss and pain.

I’ll never forget the words a dear friend shared years ago.

Whisper His Name.


Just whisper His Name and you will sense His very closeness.

I’ve done that

   Yes I encourage you to do that.

No matter where you are

  No matter what your need…

Whisper His Name.



The One Who knows all about your sorrow.

The One Who knows your heartbreak.

The One Who loves you more deeply than anyone.

Whisper His Name in your sadness

    and listen.

No one cares like Jesus.

He draws close in your pain and loss and wraps His loving arms around you.

He holds you tenderly wiping away your tears

    and gently rocks you through the long difficult daytime hours

    and throughout the darkest nights.

Like a mother caring for her baby

  Jesus softly holds you within His embrace and cares.

Do you know someone who is lonely today?

Someone whose world has shattered and doesn’t know where to turn?

Whisper His Name.


Are you struggling with pain and fears for tomorrow?

Whisper the precious Name of Jesus.

His Love will soothe all your fears and comfort you.


The Name above all Names.

Whisper His Name.


Thank you, Jesus.