Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Shining Moments

It’s the first day of summer.

And my mind wanders back

        Way back to summers of long ago.

 Lemonade stands

       long afternoons at the pool

               and flavored ice cubes.

My favorite were the grape flavored ice cubes.

Oh they were sooo good.

On a steamy hot afternoon we would each get one from the metal ice-cube tray

        hold it with a napkin

       and then take it outside to eat.

I longed for mine to last forever

   but as I licked it

       it grew smaller and smaller

        and smaller until it was gone.

Flavored ice cubes, kool aid

   Root beer floats.

Some nights we’d all pile into the car.

   My brothers and I in the back.

   Mom and dad in the front of the old blue Plymouth

   and head to the local A&W.

My Dad would order root beer floats for everyone

     and as we waited I could just imagine how good they were going to taste

Delicious root beer soda and vanilla ice cream

    served in tall glass mugs

So cold that it would make you wince

     when you swallowed.


Shining moments all over the place.


Riding bikes through the sprinkling hoses.

Water pistols


       and children

            and dogs all over the place.

We lived in a suburb of Kansas City

   nice neighbors,

     great roads for riding your bike

  and on a summer’s eve the kids would all get together

     and play hide and go seek until it got so dark.

      we’d have to ask our neighbors to please turn on their outside lights.

Oh how I loved those memories of long ago.


Summertime is a time to savor.

A blessing from His Gracious Hand

   as we enjoy a somewhat slower pace of life.

Have a great summer, my friends.

Enjoy each watermelon, cookout,

     Lightning bug catchin’ moment.

It’s time to let the child in you

 come out and play.

I’m ready.

How about you?



Shining Moments

So how do you keep growing in a world of distractions and endless tasks?

If you can only do one thing

     keep reading.

Growing up I was surrounded by books.

   The shelves were high but not too high for my eyes to wander

       and discover another gem that interested me.

Yes, as a young girl I found my greatest pleasure in curling up with

     a good book.

And I’ll never forget that birthday when I was 12.

My older brother and I were each given $10 to spend on books.

How excited I was that day

   When we were taken to that well-known bookstore

         and left to spend our birthday money.

While my brother was drawn to the paperbacks

       and loaded up with a mile high pile of great finds

I found my way to the classics. Those books written many years ago

    with beautiful illustrations.

From the moment I saw “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett

   I was ecstatic. A  shining moment to be sure.

We each walked out of that store that day satisfied and pleased with our purchases.

Today many years later that book still has a special place on my shelf and in my heart.

Books like friends continue to lift you to other worlds

     And books like friends patiently teach.

When you long to grow into a greater sense of peace and purpose

   read, read and read some more.

Along with articles and blogs on the internet

I have found certain books keep reminding me of what is most important in life.

In addition to reading my Bible I will mention just three of my favorites


  • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
  • Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts
  • Devotional Classics edited by Richard J Foster and James Bryan Smith


Summer often lends itself to more time for reading.

Read to discover more about a lifestyle of peace and purpose,

Read to grow deeper.

Yes, above all read.


So now, I have shared some of my favorites.

What about you?

What books are you reading this summer?