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Love Gives Itself Away

A chill is in the air here in Virginia. I find myself invigorated just thinking of ways that I can make Christmas meaningful this year. Once again my heart has wandered back to December 1993 and December 2002. Yes, those years are written in red in my heart for those were the times that I adopted my precious daughters.

Today when I look at that treasured pink baby blanket though faded with time I can still see the cutest six month old baby girl with her big brown eyes.

I traveled with love and a suitcase of little clothes. I came home with Love and a heart full of wonder and joy. My life was forever changed.

But there were children that I left behind. Precious little ones that I could not take with me. My heart still feels that pain.

Once again in 2002 I flew halfway around the world and met my tiny little Jenny. She was two years old but very small. I held her in my arms and sipped tea with her. Sang her “Jesus Loves Me” and whispered words of love.

With joy and gratitude I brought her home.

But there were children that remained behind. Yes, behind the door of the orphanage precious little ones remained waiting. Waiting for their forever family.

I honestly believe that God chose to place my children in my care. He gave us a family that loves and laughs and sings.

But we do not forget those who wait.

Christmas is the time when we not only celebrate my daughters’ adoption but also support families who are in the process of adopting, and orphans around the world.

Christmas is when Love reached down with an extravagant Love. Let’s reach out and touch our world with that same love.

Yes, children still wait.

May your Christmas shine with beauty as you give your love away.

Live One Day At A Time


Well, how’s it going?  Although the calendar says it’s still November I sense Christmas in the air. My mail is overflowing with sales catalogs. My email also overflows with reminders to buy now before it’s too late.

I wonder about that. The continued pressure to buy, to decide, to go, to sign up. It’s the pressure that can potentially rob us of the peace in today.

So what can we do?

Life one day at a time.

Yes, stay in today.  We are not meant to still be living in yesterday. No, yesterday is gone.

We are not meant to live in tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come.

Life is meant to be lived one day at a time. One step forward. A measured pace.

Oh yes, you discovered it too, haven’t you? When we borrow the decisions of tomorrow and place them upon today we are instantly overloaded. It’s too much. Although we all must glance ahead in order to prepare and plan for the future, that is different from living in tomorrow while it is still today.

So breathe slowly. Take time for that extra cup of tea. Step outside and take a walk.

Enjoy the wonder of today, today.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.


Take Time To Get Focused This Christmas

Well how are you? I missed you. Thanksgiving is now only a memory and Christmas is before us.

 This morning we had a family huddle time; talking about all we enjoyed about Thanksgiving and ways that we could be intentional this Christmas. I learned so much from listening to my daughters share their hearts.

One thing I heard again and again was ‘let’s really enjoy Christmas’. ‘Let’s do more bless more people.’ ‘Let’s make sure that we stay connected even when things get rushed.’ ‘Let’s keep loving in as many ways as we can.”

Orphans. Widows. Homeless. Hungry. Those grieving. Hurting.

How about you?

Yes, it’s easy to get sidetracked at Christmas. Searching endlessly for that one gift.  Shopping for hours. Racing.  Running.  Wrapping.

But Christmas really is all about Love. God sending His Love to a hurting world.

So let’s consider ways that we can focus on love this year. That will keep everything simpler and more meaningful.

How can you show your love this Christmas?

And before that, how can you be more loving this year?

  1. Determine to keep your priorities in place this Christmas

Rest. Time for reflection and prayer when you focus on the One Who is the reason we celebrate Christmas. And then others.

  1. Less is always best.

A gift of time together. A smile. An encouraging word. A thoughtfully written note. These are the gifts that keep on giving long after Christmas.

      3.   Listen to the needs of a hurting world in your family, your community, your

            country and abroad and then do something.


Yes, let this Christmas be fragrant and sparkling with love. You will enjoy it more and discover that instead of it being a burden, your Christmas will be a blessing to experience.

What do you think?