Monthly Archives: October 2011

Freedom From Fear

One of the most common human diseases is fear. It is also one of the most harmful enemies of the human personality. There are two kinds of fear. Normal fear is both necessary and helpful. It is a natural mechanism to protect us from taking chances and doing foolish things.

But the line between normal and abnormal fear is a very fine line. Before one realizes it you have stepped over that line. Fear troubles your days and disturbs your nights. I’ve been there. Have you?

The key is that one can be free from fear. Yes, a lifestyle of abnormal fear can be cured. If it isn’t it will not only threaten your physical health but also keep you from experiencing success and joy in life.

Many years ago I found this little verse tucked between the pages of scripture. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” (II. Timothy 1:7) It became medicine for me as I struggled to break free from a fear-filled lifestyle.

It is remarkable what these few words can do. Say them slowly over to yourself.

Yes, taking these healing words into you can well transform your life.

Focus on ‘power’. What power? The only power that can counteract fear is faith. Faith is alive and active and becomes a medicine for the body, mind and soul.

Today let those words sink deep within. Let them in through your eyes as you read those words. Let them in through your ears as you read them aloud. Let them into your mind as you think about them. Faith in God literally drives out fear and takes possession.

So no matter what you are facing today, remember to take in faith. He continues to give power, love and a sound mind to those who receive it.

Have you had your dose of faith today?


Reach For Your Best

What one thing should you eliminate from your life because it holds you back from reaching your full potential?

This question continues to challenge me as I plan for the future. Does it challenge you?

I encourage you not to dismiss it but to chew on it and see what thoughts you might have.

We have focused on the importance of good eating habits, getting adequate sleep, and exercise. But let’s consider our thoughts.

Many times I have worked with folks who have everything going for them. Their hearts are right. Their physical habits great. But there is one thing lacking. Their thoughts tend to be negative.

Yes, thinking negatively is like sand in the machinery. It holds you back. Slows progress.  Retards growth. Keeps you stuck.

Sometimes our habits of thought have been set since childhood. It takes intentional action to change them to a positive direction. But it can be done. Thinking positively changes everything. It unlocks energy.

Pay attention to your thoughts today. Challenge them. Ask yourself is that really true?

What holds you have from reaching your full potential today?

Listen to your thoughts.

What is the One Thing You Would Do

What is the one thing you would do if you knew that you would not fail?

Yes, that’s a powerful question. It is one that I asked myself from time to time over the years. Fear of failing used to hold me back. Being conservative by nature I make changes carefully and slowly. But I have faced those moment when I had to choose. Would I dare to make a change? Maybe you are there right now.

For many years I taught first grade. I loved it. The children. Their sense of wonder. The excitement and energy they had. But long about my fifteenth year I began to feel restless. I was then writing and getting published regularly. I thirsted for something but at that time nothing seemed to make sense. I listened to my feelings and waited.

Life continued to happen. More changes. I adopted my little girl from Russia and I longed to be home with her more. I began taking courses in counseling. In the beginning I studied using videos. Then I applied and was accepted into the University of Virginia. With each course I took I began to sense that that was what I would like to do. But I still battled the fear of failing. What if I didn’t make it?   

I learned that I could not think negatively and move forward. I had to choose one or the other. I sought the Lord in prayer and laid it all out to Him. Once more I sensed that I was to be a counselor.

But it was six more years until I was finally able to open my own office. Six years of hard work believing that somehow with God’s help, I could.

So what would you like to do?

What burns in your heart?

Listen to how your heart answers that question. Just maybe……