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Shining Moments


The words caught my attention in the midst of a busy day.

We had been talking about twitter.

Sorry, but that is really only if your famous

and well…..

Famous?! I have no desire to be famous.

But faithful, yes.

To the One Who loves us came with a purpose.

To live and then die for sinful man

To pay the price for our sin.

To defeat death

and redeem us.

To show us how to live and love.

On every seemingly ordinary day, His Voice calls out,

“I love you.

        Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden.

        And I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

Rest, He offers.

Not more work.

Another agenda.

A schedule of more and more busynesses.

No, He offers His life for ours.

Yes, there might be work but it will flow from Him through us


as the ocean tides comes in and goes out.

As we receive Him

His thoughts,

His purpose,

His Love

we give it out

and live it out

in simple,

everyday ways.

One simple conversation with a neighbor becomes holy ground

as we genuinely share concern and hope.

Playing the piano for one

with the angels singing

becomes laced with more importance and meaning to the Lord

than maybe playing in a huge concert hall.

Famous? No, I have no desire to be famous

actually I pray for those who are famous. Their lives are not easy.

The cost is high.

But faithful, yes that is my heart’s desire, my purpose

One day after another

to faithfully serve Him

my whole being at His service

whatever He says

wherever He sends.

To not hold back

but to give thanks to Him in a world that sometimes doesn’t want to hear

to freely, freely serve.

Be Thou my Wisdom

And Thou my true Word

I ever with Thee and Thou with me Lord

Faithfully serving

Faithfully sharing

my heart faithfully beating for the Lord of my Heart.

Do you long for that too?

If so, please let me know.

Shining Moments

Waiting is difficult.

It’s all too easy to run ahead.

Have you ever done it?

Years ago, too many to count, we suddenly discovered that a circular metal fence around our flowerbed had been taken.

My parents were upset.



So a few days later while walking home from school

   my brother and I (He was 9 and I was 7)

   spied a circular metal fence.

We looked at each and almost simultaneously knew what we had to do.

Lone Ranger and Tonto to the rescue.

We tiptoed to the flower bed.

Looking both ways to be sure that we weren’t seen

   we lifted and dragged the fencing away.

Down the back street

  through the adjoining yard

      until we got home. Whew.

We ever so carefully arranged it back at its place

  and silently went inside

    to await my father’s arrival from work.

I remember being so excited. I just knew that he would be pleased.

We had solved the problem on our own.

They didn’t need to worry about that fence ever again.

When I heard the car door shut my brother and I raced to the door.

“Hi, Daddy. Guess what,” we both said.

We grabbed his hands and walked him out to the back yard.

Then standing in front of the flower bed we said


“What in the world,” I heard him mutter. “What is this?”

We told him how we had seen it and knew that it was ours.

How we had dragged it all the way home.

But something was wrong. He wasn’t smiling.

“You’re going to have to take this back.”

My heart sank.


“Because it’s not ours.” I’ll never know how he knew (smile) but we loaded the fence in the back of our car and drove to the people’s house.

I was so embarrassed as we had to explain how we had thought that it was ours.

And had just taken it.

We had assumed.

Jumped to the wrong conclusions.

And we were wrong. It’s a lesson I never forgot.

Waiting is difficult in our day and age of quickness and speed.

We want fast relief from pain, discomfort and difficulty.

But we are told, “Wait for the Lord, Be strong and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Psalms 27:14

Waiting doesn’t necessarily mean inaction but let’s be sure that we have sought the Lord’s guidance.

His  timing is always best.

Beware Those Blind Spots!

She drove down the road thinking about her busy day at school. And even though the radio was playing her favorite song, she never heard it. No, instead she was replaying an incident that happened with her first graders that afternoon.

As she approached the intersect her thoughts turned to the words of the parent who had appeared early to pick up her child.

“A divorce,” she sighed. “She will be devastated when she hears about it.” She thought of the frail little girl.

She hurriedly glanced in the direction of the on-coming traffic and seeing there was room drove forward.

Suddenly she heard the sound of a blaring horn, put on her brakes and looked back just as another car pass her. An angry driver melted her with that ‘look’.

How foolish of me, she muttered to herself trying to calm her now shaking body.

I looked.

I really looked but…

    I didn’t see.

We’ve all been there one time or another.

Blind spots are part of being human.

It is all too easy to look but not see what actually exists.

Over the years I have learned not to trust that first look. No, I glance twice just to be sure.

But there are potential blind spots in other areas of our lives.

It pays to ask ourselves from time to time “Could something be there that I am missing?”

“What am I not seeing?”

To pray, “Lord, open my eyes and help me to see.”

Yes, let’s beware those blind spots.

A blind spots prevents you from seeing what is actually there. Then based on that faulty knowledge we make decisions that lead to actions.

Yes, we all have them from time to time.

So what can you do? Consider the following steps:

  1. Stay close to the Lord of all wisdom through prayer and reading of the Word.
  2. Stay accountable to a few trusted people who know you and are willing to mention any blind spot they might see in your life.
  3. Allow the awareness of blind spots to spur you on to reflect on your own life.

Could it be there is something you are not seeing that you need to?

Join me today in giving some thought to blind spots and let’s move toward clearer vision in the days ahead.