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Anchored- Finding Hope In Difficult Times

Her voice at the other end of the phone gasped for breath

 as she shared with me the painful story of her husband’s sudden leaving.

My heart ached as I listened to her story.

Whether you’re dealing with marriage difficulties,

sudden illness, grief and loss, relationship struggles, etc.

they oftentimes can leave you gasping for breath

with no idea where to turn.

Where is the hope when your world is turned upside down?

Where can you turn when the bottom literally falls out of your lives?

What do you do when everything seems hopeless?

My mind wanders back a few years ago when life hit me with an unexpected jolt.

There was nothing to do – the storm hit before I knew what was happening.

Prayers were reduced to silent pleas for help

   since I had no words.

That’s right.

No words at all.

But in the midst of the storm I remembered something.

Someone cared.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble – Psalm 46:1

I could not see God. I heard no voices. Saw no writing in the sky.

But I knew He was with me. Right there. And I clung to Him as my Help in trouble.

Clung with everything I had.

Like an anchor in the midst of a literal storm

 God held me and kept me safe.

One day at a time.

Muddling through. But never alone.

You see, it makes all the difference when you are experiencing difficulties

to know that you are not alone.

And that there is hope.

Matter of fact, even better than there being hope

He is our Hope.

Yes, then and everyday He continues to be my ever present Hope.

And as that broken woman reached out to me to pour out her wounded heart

 and even in the telling she is anchored

I continue to pray to the One Who loves with an ever-lasting Love

and find the continual Anchor of my soul in Him.

   The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

Strong Comfort.

Unchanging Help in a changing world

Powerful Hope

    that stands immovable in the face of every storm.

Do you know Him as your Unchanging One in a changing world?



Looking For Confidence?

Confidence? How can you possibly have confidence in a world that can crumble unexpectedly?

It might seem completely illogical but having confidence is not only possible but necessary.

For without confidence we become dependent on circumstances, feelings, politics, etc.

Always changing.

Up and down. And sometimes way down.

But a confidence that doesn’t change with changing circumstances

must be based on something unchanging.

What in your life is unchanging?

For me, it is God – the One Who loves and keeps working to draw us to a saving knowledge of Himself.

The One Who is there when everything goes wrong.

The One Who held me steady as a opened my business doors in 1999

    and wondered if anyone would come.

After teaching school for over 20 years I went back to school and studied to become a counselor-

   always longing to help others.

But just having a license didn’t give me confidence.

No, I remember sitting in my room waiting for that phone to ring –

    waiting for someone whom I could serve.

In those early days the wait was very hard. I had a little one to support. God knew the pressure I felt.

Where did my confidence lie?

Not in myself. I knew that I was and am fallible.

Not in my abilities. No, I was just a counselor in the making. Still becoming. Still am.

My confidence came in the One Who had walked with me through every college course I’d taken,

    through every long night of studying, through each hurdle that I had jumped to get to this point.

I knew that He had called me to serve Him.

I just didn’t know how long it would take to build a practice.

Slowly one person called. And then another. And then the phone began ringing more frequently.

I was so excited to meet with each person who came to see me.

It was a holy calling.

Today as I serve Him as a coach for women – helping them increase their confidence,

    and develop clarity and grow courage-

I’m grateful for those hard lessons in confidence building that I experienced.

They hold me steady when nothing seems to be happening in my life now.

They keep me grounded when discouragement could easily overcome me.

But feelings can lie. Circumstances can confuse.

But the One Who is the same yesterday, today and forever calls us to keep our focus on Him.

Believe that what He called you to do 

     is still there.

Believe in Him and trust that He has equipped you. Fully.

Weary mother—He will give you all that you need.

Busy working mom- He will strengthen you one day at a time.

Grieving widow- He knows your every need and has already planned to provide for all your needs.

Single woman – He knows your deepest longings and desires. Let Him hold your heart in His.

Our beliefs give us a filter through which to see everything.

Recheck your beliefs. What is your mindset?

Confidence comes as one day at a time we trust Him and receive from Him all that we need.

Confidence- let’s grow your confidence strong.

A confidence that can face any storm in life because you know who is right with you through it all.

Now that’s a confidence that’s worth having.

Truly my soul finds rest in God;
    my salvation comes from Him.
Truly He is my rock and my salvation;
    He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. Psalm 62:1,2

Let’s Talk It Over

“Lord, please use me today. I give it to you.

And may Your Name be glorified.”

I meant that prayer with every fiber of my being.

Yes, I did.

Well, I thought I did.

God blesses victories and successes. Right?

But what if there was a mistake, or an accident

or a miscarriage or failed adoption

or a divorce

or a rejected manuscript

or a failed business? And on and on and on.

What then?

Every time before I’d sit to play a piano solo or an offertory

I would ask the Lord to bless it and use it for His Glory.

It was His. And I played well.

But there was that day that changed my thinking.

I had practiced for hours and knew every note.

Backwards and forwards

with my eyes closed.

Then that moment came when I stepped to the piano.

The congregation waited.

I was nervous – I was usually nervous.

“Lord, help me” I cried within. Make it good, I thought.

And so I played

and everything was going so well

until I hit the last cord.

Discord sounded as I realized I had hit one wrong note.

Just one but the sound echoed in my ears long after I hit it.

I stumbled to my seat

Shakened by my foolish mistake


Embarrassment and disappointment covered me.

“Lord, I prayed” I cried out.

Then from somewhere deep within I sensed

“Did you give it to Me?”

“Why yes, Lord. You know I did.”

“Then the outcome is Mine too.”

Like sunshine breaking through the storm

I began to see.

The outcome was His to do with as He chose.

Something that I had missed for years.

Yes, I had given it. But I assumed He would give me

a flawless performance for His Glory.

But here it was still His and He allowed me

to experience less than perfect.

A mess, in my mind, because one wrong note spoiled it all.


As I thought and pondered I began to see

that when I give it all to Him

I need to take my hands off.

I need to accept His Will, His Way

whatever that may be.

Once more my heart was humbled as I began to see

how I tended to take ownership for the outcomes

if they were undesirable and I’d beat myself up for daysmarch 11 bench

rather than trusting Him with it all.

Freedom broke forth

and liberation to give and serve

without holding onto the end result.

So who is holding the outcome for you?

Let Him have it all. Embrace the peace He gives.

Trust Him to use it all for His Glory and your good.

He longs to do just that for both of us.

Join me, won’t you.