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Always Hope


bridgeLike a race, my life is lived one step at a time. Feet hitting pavement. Breathing in, breathing out.  Miles pass as I keep running and running.

The race is long. I often get weary, don’t you?

My eyes scan the sides of the rode longing for water. But there is none.

Keep running, I tell myself.

You can do it.

Life twists and turns. Uphill and down. Not that many down hills it seems. Certainly lots of long, winding uphills.

Thirsty for water.

Or the band to play my favorite march.

Where, oh where is the cheering crowd?
I look around but there is no one to be seen.

I’m so tired I could just drop. Right here. Right now.

But there are more miles to run.

I remember that there are others running with me. Running their races.

Trying to pace themselves. Determined to finish strong.

And then I see one running with me. His stride matches mine. Perfectly.

I feel my body relax just knowing that I have a companion.

Loneliness can be a heavy burden.

He passes me a cup of water. Wonder where he got that from?

I bring it to my mouth and gulp the water. Splashing it all over my hand and down on the pavement.

It is so good. So cool and satisfying as I swallow it.

And then I look up. My companion is gone. I squint my eyes longing to see him again.

But I can’t.

One foot after another pounding the pavement. But I am stronger now.

Refreshed and encouraged and I remember those words.

‘Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’ (Gal. 6:9)

Always hope. Always hope.

Run well today.


Do It For Me

2014 roseThe day was long and the path uphill.

My eyes looked up ahead and all I saw was difficulty and discouragement.

Dreams don’t go unanswered, Lord.

Dreams are made to live but my muscles ached as I labored on uphill.

My throat hungered for water to quench its thirst.

Water. But I saw no water and kept going.

I had just brushed the hair back from my eyes when I heard a faint sound.

A Voice speaking to me deep within.

“Do it for Me.”

Do it for you, Lord? Why yes, I can do it for You. I will do anything for You.

The thought comforted my weary heart as I kept pushing forward.

Sweat trickling down my face. One foot in front of the other.

My mind wandered back to years before when I first sensed His Call to do this.

Now further along on the journey it had become so difficult.

There were no signs of hopeful results for all my faithful efforts.

No indications of life.

“Do it for Me.”

Yes, Lord.

Even though the way is hard and the path is uphill –

even though all my efforts seem futile.

Yes, I will do it for You.

Suddenly I began to see how I had needlessly burdened myself.

Looking for results. Watching for fruit. Looking for any sign that my efforts are not in vain

when all along

I knew it had been His idea in the first place.

Are you facing a challenge that seems hopeless?

Have you tried and tried and still seem to be getting nowhere?

The harder you work the farther you seem from the goal.

Remember Who called you in the first place.

And listen to Him speak to your soul today.

“Do it for Me.”

My life laid down as a sacrifice for Him.

Seeking nothing

absolutely nothing but to hear His well done at the finish line.

Eyes on my Savior

looking above

in His service

love gives all.

Just do it for Him


2014 rose

Shining Moments

“How are YOU going to raise this strong baby?”

The tall Russian doctor stared down at me as I stood in the waiting room

   and for a few seconds my mind whirled with panic.

What did she mean? I was already wondering myself how I would raise her to adulthood

    but what in the world could this doctor possibly mean?

Was this another Samson?


Foolishness, I thought, pushing the idea away.

Now hadn’t God led me to this place from the beginning?

My eyes met the doctor’s piercing ones with determination.

I stretched my 5 foot 1 and ½ inch frame

   took a deep breath

    and spoke trying to sound confident.

“I will do fine,” I said.

If I had any doubts inside about the adoption

   I wasn’t going to change now.

The doctor nodded and turned away.

I stood there a few more minutes

   trying to understand what she had just said.


She was a strong baby?

My goodness, I thought,

    after so many years teaching first graders of different sizes and strengths

    I should be able to handle anything.

But then again……

The next time I held Noelle I looked at her carefully

    trying to assess any mysterious Samson like qualities.

She was small for her age

   but nicely shaped.

I couldn’t see biceps or anything to be concerned about.

But still….

After we came home to Virginia and life developed a routine

   I scarcely thought of  those unsettling words.

Until the day she cried. Really cried.

My, she had a voice that you could hear on the other side of town.

Maybe, you’ll be an opera singer

    I told little Noelle as I soothed her.

Maybe that was what that Russian doctor meant, I thought.

Well, the years have come and gone.

Today Noelle is a beautiful nineteen year old.

Strong? Absolutely.

She has deep convictions, firm resolves

    and the ability to stand her ground

    that is so refreshing in a world of passivity

        and following the crowd.

A little Samson in a very good way.

Difficulty parenting her?

No, not at all.

Looking back I wished I had known how I had nothing to fear.

God has given me all I have needed

   throughout the parenting journey.

In addition,

   He has given joy.

   So much joy it’s impossible to put into words.

We can trust Him.

Whatever He calls you to do

    He will supply you all your needs.

“But my God shall supply ALL your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Laugh away those fears and doubts.

Our God is greater.