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Shining Moments

She grew up in a difficult situation.

Deprived of love and nurturing, she focused on work. She discovered school was a place where she could excel. The rules were clear. Work hard. Receive applause.

One thing led to another and she went to teachers’ college, got her degree

   and landed a position in a rural school in upstate New York.

The first graders in her class loved her. Children always seem to know the ‘roses’ in life, don’t they?

Years after year she took these precious boys and girls who had never been to school

  and she poured herself into them.

She touched countless lives with her beauty.

Hidden but brightening up her corner of the world.

I’ve known many precious roses in my lifetime.

There names might never make the news.

No earthly golds for them

   but there value is beyond words.

Day after day

   they bloom

    adding value to others lives.


   many times

      these roses are surrounded

       by weeds, bushes that hide them from view.

Only the keen eye notices

   and God.

He always sees

       always knows

          always cares.

I’ve wondered sometimes why He doesn’t trim the surroundings

  making it possible for the rose to be seen.

Then I began to realize

    That special rose

       is His Treasure.

Blooming in His special garden. For His eyes.

Never fear

   If in the passing of life

    a rose has bloomed and then disappeared from view.

I’ve never forgotten this teacher

who taught across the hall from me my first year as a teacher.

What a difference she made in my life!

I think those special roses that bloom gloriously from their hidden place

   have a special reward in heaven.

So bloom brightly, my friends,

   no matter what your circumstances.

Bloom for Him. Fragrance your corner

   And hear Him gently whispering to you “I am well pleased!”

Shining Moments

I glanced at the grade on the top of the paper

    and my heart sank again. In discouragement I stuffed it into my folder

    and walked back to my dormitory on the western New York campus.

It seemed no matter how hard I tried to write a good paper for my English professor

  he stilled covered the pages with red marks.

Guess I wasn’t cut out to be a writer.


But that was what I believed for many years.

It wasn’t until years later

   when I experienced God’s gracious healing in my life

   that I

        on impulse

       wrote an article and

       mailed it to a Christian publication.

Even after I dropped the manuscript in the mail

  I questioned myself

   and felt ridiculously foolish and blushed.

No one was more surprised than I to hear back from the editor

that they were paying me to use the article

and wanted me to write more.

Me, a writer?

My belief had been ‘no’

  but God’s plan was something different.

He chose to use my simple writings to bless and encourage others.

His working through me.

Today I have had published more than 500 articles, devotionals and short stories.

I have stories in Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul,

                                                   Chicken Soup Thanks Dad

                                                       and many others.

My heart praises the One Who so lovingly

         Has chosen to use my offerings and to make them serve His Purposes.

So what’s in your hand today?

Any skill that maybe you thought years ago was inferior

      or unworthy of use. Or maybe you didn’t even think about it.

Could it be that our Lord sees it differently than you?

Could it be that He longs to see you step out in faith and do it anyway?

He loves to do what seems Impossible to us.

But nothing is impossible.

Nothing is beyond His power to infuse with new life

                                                                          raise up

                                                                           and transform.

    as we turn it all over to Him.


Don’t you just love Him?



Shining Moments

Silence can be frightening

   like when you call someone’s name and do not hear an answer

   or you call them on your cell phone

       only to be directed to voice mail again and again and again.

Silence can be difficult when you await that lab report

   or to speak with a doctor

   or an police man.

Silence can be scary and disturbing to your peace.

But silence can also be peaceful.

I found it so last night.

   Although I usually sleep well at night

    I woke about 4

       and tiptoed downstairs so as not to awaken anyone else

And there in the dark living room

   in the deep silence

    I sat and


Yes, I poured out my heart to the One I knew was awake.

As I prayed my heart felt strangely lifted,

   at peace



When I opened my eyes I saw the sky in the east beginning to grow lighter.

 Morning was coming.

Knowing that a full day lay before me I quietly crept up the stairs

    and crawled into bed to catch a few more winks.


   and yet a different silence.

A calm peaceful silence

   filled with the knowledge that my God was at work.


Providing and


Lighting the Way before me

No more wandering in confusion.

No, He had given His sweet assurance that everything was under His control.

Silence can speak different things to all of us.

But let your heart remember that He works in the silences of life

    When we see no change

     and we hear no news

      and it appears that after all our prayers are in vain.

He works for you

     in Love.

     People may let you down

        But Jesus changes never.