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Christmas Bells Ring In The New Year

As I walked into the store this morning

my thoughts were focused on New Year’s Eve

and things I needed to do in preparation for 2014.

Time seems to fly much quicker than my inner spirit

so once more I was listening for those faint Christmas bells

while picking up my sparkling apple cider and oysters.

Deep within I long to make each moment count

to squeeze the joy out of every situation

and to see His Hand

and hear His gentle Whispers.

Sometimes the rush and busyness all around and within are difficult to ignore

but this morning it all came together

creating a marvelous shining moment of grace and peace.

I had just placed the saltine box beside the jar of oysters

when all of a sudden I met her eyes.

A dear sweet friend who is the sister of a fellow first grade teacher

who had taught with me for years and years.

Our eyes locked for just a second and I stepped to her side.

Faintly ringing Christmas bells

hearts beating with joy and gladness

souls warmed by the mutual care and compassion.

I asked about my old friend from teaching days

and she updated me with the sad news of her growing limitations due to aging.

For a moment while she talked

I was pulled back to those years that she and I

sat on the old merry go round outside

watching out first graders play and taking a short rest.

I loved her gentle manners. Conversation with her was easy.

Warm breezes blew through our hair as we grabbed a quick pick me up

that strengthened us for the rest of the day.

But then she retired and I lost track of her.

I continued teaching and only heard of her from time to time.


Life can all too easily move us away from those

who add much color and joy to our lives

but the heart never forgets. No, it never forgets.

“Tell her that I said hi,” I said as I parted from her sister this morning.

The Christmas bells of peace on earth – goodwill toward men

rang softly as I completed my shopping.

A brand new year filled with blank sheets of white paper

a39224_13957sunrisewaiting for us to write on them.

I knew just what I would write on one of those pages –

a visit to this fellow teacher/friend

and then within seconds the names and faces of others came to mind.

My heart skipped with joy – it still does as I write this blog –

There are so many people to touch and encourage.

So many lives who need just our time and care.

Listen for those Christmas bells that are still ringing

Calling us to keep spreading His Love throughout all the year.

And may this New Year for you be filled with purpose, peace and passion

that is greater than you can possibly imagine as you give yourself totally to Him.


Pay Attention To Those Little Signs

Our purpose unfolds as life moves us forward.

As a young girl my heart was drawn to adoption in the strangest of ways.

“Am I adopted?” I’d ask my mother sometimes feeling that I just didn’t fit into my family.

Always the quiet one

reflective and sensitive

I longed to do something meaningful with my life but had no clue what that might be.

From the moment I walked in the door of that HeadStart Program and faced the curious

stares of over a two dozen four year olds

I felt purpose and peace.

Yes, sitting beside those children teaching them letters and colors

they taught me the joy of wading into the needs of society and doing something.

My heart beat wildly251591_3815704947523_2123314045_n with excitement and passion and purpose as each day I went to that summer job.

Nineteen years old and beginning to see.

It wasn’t just the Christmas box that I slipped by the front door of that old broken down shack

that that little boy I worked with called a home.

Dad was an alcoholic, mother raising four children.

No, way before Christmas I had given my heart to do all that I could to relieve the needs

and help the children.

I went back to college having had a small glimpse of an ocean of pain and suffering.

A few years later I began teaching first grade

still drawn to do what I could for those who had so little.

Buying crayons and markers for those who had none.

Going that extra mile and discovering joy.

Weaving stories of hope and promise for those who had none.

Purpose continuing to flower as my heart embraced the call.

Spinning the globe as I sat in my living room floor.

“What country do you want to adopt from?” the social worker asked.

“Anywhere” I answered knowing it did not matter.

Wherever there was a child who needed a parent, I was open and willing.

Drawn to by an irresistible Love to do all I could.

Weakness stepping into an ocean of need and discovering that I was carried and supported

All along the way.

Raising two Russian born girls and finding it joy.

Purpose continuing to unfold as my life moves forward.

A purpose that had visible signs early on in my life.

Pay attention to those moments when you feel fully alive

And  on fire.

Is it writing? Then write.

Is it teaching? Then teach.

Is it working with children or the elderly or the sick? Then do that.

Whatever it is that taps into your hidden energy


and in so doing your purpose will be revealed.

As you give your life away

you will receive your life.


Shining Moments

Want to have more energy

and a renewed sense of purpose?

Want to accomplish more and discover more focus?

Pay attention to what energizes you.

Yes, notice the things in your life that stir your soul and arouse your passion.

From the time that I first can remember, I have always enjoyed children.

Their precious innocence,

their life

their comfortablity with simply being themselves.

It was a natural fit that I gravitated to a career in education

later becoming a first grade teacher. Being with children fills my cup.

How about you?

You’ve been created with a sense of purpose.

You have that one of a kind uniqueness. Yes, there is nobody just like you.

What energizes you?

Discovering that and moving towards what energizes you will transform your life.

On the other hand

what drains your energy?

Does noise?

Certain situations?

For instance, figures weary me.

Although while in high school my Math scores were high

I found myself drained,

Yes, totally whipped after doing math problems.

Someone once said, “You could be a Math teacher.”

No, no, no,

I immediately thought practically running from the idea.

That would have been the hardest career for me

as I would have been wilted every day.

It didn’t take me long to figure that one out.

Discovering our purpose is the key to living

and paying attention to what  energizes you

and what drains your energies will lead you to your passion.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.

For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”  Bishop T.D. Jakes

So how about you?

What energies you?