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Shining Moments

Nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy.

No, He used is all.

Every failure. Every pain.

All those moments of foggy confusion where His Hand seems hidden from sight.

My heart rejoices in knowing that He uses it all for our good and His Glory.

Years ago while in Maine

I experienced being surrounded by a thick fog.

Day after day I awoke

hoping that this would be the day that the sun would break through

but night after night

I’d crawl in bed to the sound of the lonely foghorn

sunk in fog where you just could not see anything.

Day after day went by.

I knew the ocean was close by

with the lovely beaches and soft sand

but I could not see them.

I only knew because at one time

I had seen.

Sometimes in life

more times that I like

I must live by faith and not by sight.

Yes, He’s shown me glimpses of His Love and Grace

but then seems to withdraw  from my view.

Life becomes a moment by moment journey of trusting in what I cannot see.

Holding on to those Whispers

those remembrances

simply holding on


letting ourselves be carried in His Everlasting Arms.

Living by faith and not by sight.

And then came that morning

that memorable morning

when I awoke to the sun streaming through the window.

Running outside and seeing the vast ocean that had been so close but hidden

climbing down my beloved rocks again and being so happy.

Shining moments!

But as I think back again this morning

maybe the Shining Moments were also during those long days of thick fog

when I had to trust in what I could not see.

Yes, maybe that is what He has been teaching me all along.

To trust Him

and not my own sight.

To lean upon Him and not my own thoughts or understandings.

So that whether I see something or not

my faith is unwavering in Him.

Yes, my God of Love works in ways we cannot see but we can always trust Him.


Shining Moments

We were standing in small shop in York Beach, Maine, browsing

     when all of a sudden I heard the sound of pouring rain.

My eyes quickly darted to the open door.

Looking out I saw heavy rain falling.

As if on cue my daughters eyes met mine.

No umbrella.

No car

   and our room at the motel was blocks away.

By this time the gushing water was filling the street.

Then I heard those words.

“Just rain.” I glanced up at the man behind the counter.

He was smiling broadly

    well used to these sudden summer showers.

“Yes, just rain.”  

My girls and I chuckled as the words sank in our mind.

Where we had immediately thought of the difficulty

     his words spoke calm reason.

No need to stress.

No, it was just rain.

Those words turned around our experience.

On the count of three we ran out the store,

     Up the street

    Splashing through the deep waters


    Hilarious fun.

I’ll never forget it.

Sure we were wet by the time we arrived back at our room.

Soaked to the bones

    but still

     it was just rain.

It applies to much of life, doesn’t it.

People tend to react emotionally

   to sometimes exaggerate

   making something seem like a catastrophe

  when all along it is

    ‘just rain’.

Writing from his prison cell the apostle Paul wrote these words.

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

A joy that sings no matter what.

Hurricanes come;

    Hurricanes go.

Elections over

  The holiday season approaching.

Let’s count if all joy, my friends.

It’s all life. No need to get upset or discouraged.

It’s just rain.

So let’s begin to sing in the rain.

Put on our raincoats

    turning a wet scene into another adventure.

Count on it

   Life will happen.

It just does

  but our choice to maintain a heart that sings

   no matter what

  will open up doors of possibility

  that we had no idea existed.

Shining Moments

Every day we went there. Sometimes more than once.

No, it wasn’t the ice cream store

And no, it wasn’t the candy store.

No, every day we walked down the street from the place where we stayed

      to the Long Sands General Store.

It’s a store like none other.

Something for everybody. Food to newspapers to coffee to toys.

But that’s not what drew us there like an invisible magnet.

Sure, the chicken tenders and fries and great; the potato salad delicious;

   the pizzas superb, the blueberry muffins like grandmas

 but there’s another special quality that characterizes this store up north

  so that  year after year

  we can hardly wait to go again.

Early in the morning we walk the long beach

  stopping off at Long Sands General Store to buy a paper

    and oftentimes a coffee and donut or two.

As I approach the store I can hear the sound of happiness and uplift.

People bantering


      friendly greetings

        and the smiling gal behind the counter giving each person warmth and attention.

Yes, in a world that has all too often become impersonal and cold

   I find myself drawn to Long Sand General Store because it is personal.

From hugs and smiles on the first day we arrive

   to well wishes on our last day

    they consistently communicate to everyone

     that they are important.

An attitude like that is contagious!

Yes, people respond to it with smiles

   from the young to the old.

Even the dogs tied up outside the store waiting while their owners grab a bite

   seem to smile and wag their tails harder.

Ah, what a reminder, as I write on this rainy morning in Virginia.

A smile draws forth more smiles

a positive tone

a caring question.

We all need more of it, don’t you think?

Yes, you are doing well Long Sands General Store.

You raise the bar to a level that we must all stretch to reach

    wherever we live.

Let’s treat each person we meet with kindness and care.

Let’s reach out with a smile and genuine care.

One person’s actions create a ripple

   that never stops. So let’s do it. Ok?

And that’s the way it should be.

Shining moments everywhere.