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Songs In The Night

Another night.

Tossing back and forth.




The words of treasured hymns from long ago come to mind.

‘When you walk with the Lord.’

‘It is well’.

Even ‘Jesus Loves me’

Then suddenly

‘Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps

and giveth me songs in the night.’

Words of long ago. So long ago I tossed some more trying to remember

what hymn they were from.

Praying. Praying for this one. For that one. Praying some more.

Songs in the night.

An amazing thought.

Those treasured songs of long time past comfort and encourage me today.

He still gives songs in the night.

For you. For me. For all those who are weary and broken.


He redeems all our heartaches and brings beauty from ashes.

Songs in the night.

Listen in the stillness

whispers of love.

singles book

Love Is Bigger Than You And I

It is not confined to a single day

Love is not limited to a certain group of people

It’s more than romance and stronger than hearts and flowers.

No, love stretches from north to south and east to west

Wrapping you in its arms of constant deep knowing and care

Love faithfully tends you day in and day out

Seeking not its own

But rejoicing in simply the object of ones love.

Love’s heart breaks with the lack of response

And trembles with the shallowness  of understanding.

But continues to give and give and give.

For love is eternal and keeps believing

That one day the priceless, sacrificial love will be received and cherished.

Yes, Love is bigger than you and I.Valentine Roses 88

Sometimes Love Is A One-Way Street

I approached the meeting with all the hope and confidence that my heart would be understood and received.  Yes, I honestly thought that there would be at least compassion and kindness although there might be no answers. Even that would have been a blessing. But instead there was judgment and criticism.  I was left broken. My heart does not understand.

Why would we keep hurting each other and causing more pain? This world has pain enough.

Why do we continue to misjudge without knowing all the facts? This world has enough criticism.

For days I have struggled as I’ve tried to let the Lord refine and polish me. Holding on to what is true and discarding the false.  Weeping over misunderstandings.  Crying because I know that it happens all the time.

It is so wrong. On the one hand we say that we are for life

but on the other hand we cause great pain.

Are we so blind to the pain caused?

Do we not even see the hurting all around?

All around are those true souls who continue to carry on through misunderstanding and pain.

Their glory?

That they are keeping on without any cheering crowd

without the kind words of support and encouragement.

They are focused on Him alone.

Their trust is that He knows all and only calls us to love in His Name

even if that love is a one way street.

People tend to only understand from their own level of perception.

Yes, they might even think you’re crazy if you talk about things they do not understand.

So in humbleness I kneel in prayer for more love.

Help us, Lord, to be willing to enter the broken hearts of others

that our hearts may be broken too.broken heart 1

That is bringing Jesus into our world.

And that is the Gospel.

Bringing hope into the brokenness of every human heart

that then creates resurrection.

Loving in His Name.

Let us carry on. No matter what.

I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever. Psalm 52:8