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Are You?

Are you making each day your very best?

Are you pouring into the lives of those close to you?

Are you reaching out with care and living your life on tiptoe?

Are you?


It matters how we live each day.

It matters what we do and say.

It matters.

But sometimes in the rush and hurry

we forget.

Never realizing.

Never knowing.

Never seeing.


We leave undone the loving things

and end up doing the things we shouldn’t.

All the while saying that life is fine

But is it really?


Is the life you’re living a masterpiece?

Does it sparkle with love and kindness to all?

Is it filled with friendships you nurture and tend?

Is it focused on speaking a kind word everywhere?

Do you smile?

Do you stop?

Do you make it a point?

To make your life a masterpiece?

Each day. Your masterpiece.

Are you?

The Power Of Writing Your Story

Quiet. Reserved.  Never causing any trouble.

Yes, that’s how I would have been described as a young girl.

But deep within me there were stories to tell.

Certainly I wouldn’t share them – constant moves, grasshoppers on Sunday dresses.

No, you could count on it that I wouldn’t share.

Those marvelous tales of firework grandeur on a Kansas City back yard

     with beloved grandparents

    would be kept hidden along side

    the tales of my mom’s polio and the doctor’s surprising visit

   to our small home.

    Three young children getting shots that night

    to protect us from the dreaded  disease.

Scribbles in my spiral notebook would be kept  from all eyes but mine.


    I experienced pain and loss, embarrassment and disappointment

  and suddenly I realized that maybe



               my simple story would encourage another on life’s journey.

     So I typed out my story on an old electric typewriter

        and mailed it to a magazine who was accepting submissions.

Never thought about it again.

Even my English teacher from college knew that I couldn’t write well.

But that didn’t matter.

No, it was as if in the writing of my experience

    I began to discover my own voice.

    My shyness fell away

       and suddenly I could talk. Yes, I could talk.

Freedom. Release. Exhilaration.

I’ll never forget that day I received an acceptance letter for that story

    along with a small check.

Suddenly it hit me.

I’m a writer. A real writer.

But it wasn’t until long after when that simple experience was published

   and I received letters and notes of gratitude from others

   who had been helped by my telling it

that I realized

   that this was something I could do.

I could write my story and not only connect with others

  but even more than that.

Others could be encouraged and strengthened too.

Others could celebrate with me God’s goodness and purpose.

Others could see a light that would help them find their way

    through a dark, sometimes, difficult journey.

Writing can open doors that were thought long closed.

Writing can give voice to thoughts and experiences.

Writing can enable one to leave a legacy for the future.

Writing can be

     for you

     a way to make sense of broken pieces. A healing place.

Writing can be the most important thing you ever do.


I’d love to have you join me

   Write Your Story- Discover Your Strengths

   September 4-October 9

    6    60 minute classes


   Lively discussions.

   Simple tools that will show you how to begin writing

    a piece or all of your life story.

  Contact me for more information at [email protected]



The Great Big YES

Many have written about the word they have chosen for 2017

but no word reached out and grabbed me. Nothing.

Not until —–

I was pondering one evening about many things

and talking with my daughters about life and various things.

When suddenly it came. That word. Just spring into my head and out of my mouth.


“I want to say a great big yes to what is most important

so that I can say no to all else”

Even as I said it, I felt the tears pressing behind my eyes.

Recently the sudden death of a close friend and colleague

left me thrown off balance and groping to regain stability. Life is short.

My mind wandered back to years ago when I first met the yes challenge.

Will you surrender your all to the One Who gave His all?

Chills went up and down my body as I wrestled with His Call

and for agelong moments I wrestled with surrendering my life. I was so young.

Fear, my constant companion, growing up whispered words that frightened.

What if..What if….What if…

I’ll never forget that moment when I cast my all, my one, simple, ordinary life,

into His care.

That was the beginning  for me of the greatest adventure.

Opportunities have come to do things I would certainly never have taken earlier in my life.

Chances to go places and do things.

People to meet. Careers to enjoy.

Two very old orphanages in Russia hold my heart although its been years since I’ve been there.

The hurts of wounded people touch my heart;

the longings of frustrated people

and empty souls always tug hard

and draw me to give and go and serve.

That great big YES led to a daily Yes

in which I know my life is not my own.

It’s His.

All other decisions bend their knee to Him.

I find that saying no has gradually become easier

with the main thing already decided.

I am excited about this word for 2017. YES

Yes, to His Will.

Yes, to whatever He calls. Wherever He leads.

YES. He is the loving Shepherd Who cares for His sheep

so much better than they could ever care for themselves.

Yes, to surprises and unexpecteds.

Yes, to disappointments and sorrows.

Yes, to His Purpose and Plan.

Somehow it all begins to look easier now. The confusion and clamor quiets

and the day begins to dawn.


Won’t you join me in saying Yes too?

It takes a lot of the hard out of living because it’s not up to me.

No, the journey is His Plan and I like it that way.

How about you?


You’ll never be disappointed.

Maybe it’s time to just say YES.