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Someone To Walk With You Through Your Biggest Fears

Face it. We live in a sometimes very scary world.

What can we do?

Where can we turn?

Is it even possible to gain freedom from fear?

Yes – a resounding YES.

But not by trying to run from our fears

or fleeing what is terrifying us.

Not by begging God to remove the thing we are afraid of.

True freedom from fear comes by allowing God

to walk with us through whatever we are afraid of.

As a child I was very afraid.

From loud noises to new situations

snakes and dark places and on and on and on.

And although I knew the Lord I didn’t know how to shake the heavy chains of fear.

Freedom in Christ seemed a possibility for others

but not for me.

But somewhere along the way my relationship with Him

began to grow until

it grew bigger than my fears.

As I focused upon Who He is

I began to see how small my fears were.

Now, my knees might still shake at times

but because I know the One Who walks with me through everything

I am no longer paralyzed –

I am no longer trapped.

All I need to know is that He walks with me through it all.

And I know that I am safe no matter what.

How about you?

Are you will looking for freedom from gut-wrenching fear?

Let me encourage you to look to the One,

The Glorious One

to hold your hand through everything you face.

Stop the voices that try to convince you otherwise.

Turn away from your doubts and let Him walk with you.

Fears seem to evaporate in the light of His Presence.

He is stronger than anything or anyone

And He loves you with an everlasting Love.

Now that’s true freedom, my friends.

And He wants you to experience it too.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” –Isaiah 41:10

Shining Moments

Seeing a flag waving in the breeze brings a lump to my throat

and a tear to my eye.

Freedom. It comes with a price.

It was many years ago that I first felt the bigger than words gratitude.

Sitting there in the auditorium of the small elementary school in the Catskills

French toast days always meant singing God Bless America.

And I sang with the others watching the flag before me.

Only a very young girl at the time

Only knowing that I was grateful

To be living in the land of the free.

Wide-eyed and innocent my life unfolded seemingly without notice

Graduate, teach first graders, and then

adopt two of the sweetest girls from Russia.

Fourth of July memories of their citizenship.

A little hand waving her flag back and forth

Two small feet standing on the pavement at the Dulles airport.


Freedom came with a price

but realizing today more than ever that it was the price He paid

that gives us true freedom to be all we were created to be.

Earthly citizenship pales beside this.

Our journey on earth quickly passes giving us mini glimpses here and there

of a country afar off

a place

a Person

Embraced in the Arms of the One who shed His blood for us

And continues to call to us

that freedom comes with a price.

Freedom that demands a response.

A little hand waving that flag

Small feet touching the ground

My child-like heart opening to the reality of what true freedom really means.

Freedom comes with responsibility.

And as I watch the red, white and blue, wave gently in the breeze

I know that I must give my all

So that others might be free too.

Will you join me?





Shining Moments

The bands marched with precision as they proceeded down the street in front of our home in Saugerties, NY. I had the best seat of all and as I watched the Memorial Day parade.

Flags all over the place.

Then they stopped at the corner. Right in front of our house at 202 Washington Ave.

Everyone held their breath.

The drum major lifted his hands and then as if on cue

     he waved furiously

        and the instruments played with gusto.

             My eyes wandered back and forth taking it all in.

As a girl of seven

    it all seemed magnificent. Crowds and crowds stood to watch and listen.

They played on and on

   The silver shiny flutes, clarinets and trumpets.

    Those handsome French horns

Oh I loved it all.

But all too soon the music ended

   A whistle was blown and the band continued to march on

But I was never dismayed for long

No, right behind them was another huge band coming down the street.

Soldiers marched in uniform

Flags and more flags.


Memories of the Memorial Day parade also drift back to Owego, NY

where we lived on Front Street.

Right in front if our house they would march

For a few glorious years my brother and I played

  In the high school marching band.

He played clarinet and I played the flute.

March  two three four

Drum majors directing

Excitement and cheers all along the way.

But a memory carefully cherished

  Is watching this elderly man marching down the street

        carrying the American flag

     Everyone stood and cheered

There wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.

Colorful floats

Marching guards.

Band after band in strict precision.

Thankfulness forAmerica’s freedom overflowed.

It had come with a price.

It always does.


Memorial Day is more than a picnic

       a cookout

          or even a parade.

The heart of the day runs much deeper than that.

Many gave their lives so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Let’s never forget.

      the price that was paid.

As time keeps marching on and on and on.