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Walking on Water Today

2108_1036461988186_5311_aI’ve longed for a walk on water faith from as far back as I can remember.

Yes, I have wanted to be able to be put in that dungeon with hungry lions and like Daniel,

not flinch.

Yes, I have longed to be able to walk up to my giant with a strong faith

only to see him crumble at my feet.

Or if only I could have the faith that confidently walks around Jericho only to see its walls fall crashing down.

But I my knees always knocked in fear

and my hands shook when faced with conflict.

No, it wasn’t until I began to change my focus that things began to change.

Instead of gazing at the enemy

I began to upon His Power.

Instead of measuring the thickness of those Jericho walls and counting the number of teeth in the lions’ mouths

I realized His Greatness.

Instead of running the other way

I learned to take steps toward my fear.

What a difference that began to make in my life.

Fear is a monster that grows in power the more we focus upon it.

What if?

What if?

What if? Heart-pounding anxiety, stomach-clenching dread.

But for every fear we have

there is an answer.

Do you long for a walk on water faith?

Turn your focus upon the One Who loves you with an everlasting love.

Realize that He is more than enough to handle every problem you face,

every difficulty that arises.

every crises that comes your way.

And get out of the boat.

It’s the only way you’ll ever know that He will do for you what He has done for others.

Join me, won’t you, in developing a walk on water faith?


You are not alone.





Shining Moments

I’ll never forget that sinking feeling in my stomach as a child

when my Dad called the family all together

and announced that we were moving.

Lump in my throat moments

as I realized that soon all that was familiar was changing.

We moved from Pennsylvania to New York

from New York to Kansas City

from Kansas City to upstate New York.

And as I would pack my things in the gigantic moving boxes

I also packed away my hopes and dreams of friendships and schools.

Endings can be so difficult.

Good byes said. Hugs given. Waving at schoolmates as I walked out of the class

and away from the school for the very last time.

But every ending led to a new beginning.

Standing at the doorway of a strange, new classroom

and scanning the sea of unfamiliar faces.

Listening to a new teacher explain her rules and procedures.

Riding different school buses.

Going to sleep in a strange bedroom.

Slowly discovering that different doesn’t mean bad.

Sadness was slowly replaced with gladness as I made new friends

and became secure again.

Every new beginning starts with a small step.

Sometimes it happens without us even realizing that something big has just happened.

A conversation here

a brief encounter there

but seeing again and again how He lead His dear children along.

Learning to trust moments where His leading becomes more than a word or a promise

on the pages of my well worn Bible.

Knees knocking

Sweaty hands moments where I sense His tender Hand drawing me forward

into the new and strange and uncomfortable again.

He leadeth me in paths of righteousness…. Psalms 23:3

      for His Name’s sake.

Learning to trust in His loving Care.

Learning to let Him lead rather then pushing forward with mywill and way.

Whatever He calls me to do

to simply obey.

Fears of the unknown gradually replaced with songs of praise

as I discover again and again that He is Faithful.

He knows us better than we know ourselves

and supports us on every side as we move forward in life.

Through every new chapter

every new beginning

until we finally reach Home.

Let’s keep moving, friends, no matter how strange and unfamiliar it might be.

I long to trust Him with a heart open wide to His Will.

Fears? Sure

Uncertainty? Definitely.

But we are always safe as we follow Him.

Shining Moments

Miracle baby turns thirteen tomorrow.

Yes, born on Valentines Day weighing 1 and 1/2 lbs in Russia,

Jenny continues to bless our family with her sweet spirit and tender heart.

But the biggest miracle is the change  in my own heart.

Ten years ago

as I prepared to adopt her

I faced many questions

and many  more fears.

A premature baby born in theUnited Statesis one thing

but to adopt a child

born that prematurely?

I spent hours on my knees

asking God for wisdom.

and consulting with doctors.

It all seemed risky. Flooded with doubts.

But God knew what He was doing.

A dear elderly friend of mine prayed with me through  this time

“With God ALL things are possible


                                  possible.” Matthew 19:26

But how did you know?  I’ve been asked.

How did you know that God wanted you to adopt her

to accept all the unknowns

challenges that very well might have drowned our little family?

No, He didn’t write it in the sky

and I heard no sounds or audible voices

But I did sense a strange peace within.

When I looked at the video I had been sent from Russia

that innocent little face

so guarded, so shy,

pulled at my heartstrings

so compelling.

I couldn’t imagine not moving forward to adopt her!

Sure, I had fears

walking by faith does not mean an absence of fears

but I kept moving forward anyway.

Valentines Day

celebrating her third birthday

our first birthday together.

Lots of challenges ahead

but knowing that the One Who led us to that point

will lead us all the way. Today I know that more  than ever.

What challenge are you facing today?

Facing fears? Battling doubts?

Look to Him to do more for you than you can ever imagine

for He is the God who loves to do what is impossible with men.