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I Just Couldn’t Go On

I just couldn’t go on.

It was pouring rain outside. Yes, it was a warm rain but it was literally pouring.

On  my drive home from the office today I saw an elderly man walking.

Holding a red umbrella,

bent over

walking , trudging  through the heavy rain.

I just couldn’t go on.

It bothered me. Why he needed to be in the safe shelter of warmth and light

not pushing through the harsh elements.

But he was on the opposite side of the road. I was not going his way.

It would have been so easy to just keep driving.

Really, it wasn’t my problem. Or was it? My heart pondered the situation.

He was a man and I a woman. I had no obligation to help him.

But…..I couldn’t go on.

All  I know is that at that moment in time

his problem was mine.

Memories came to mind of a time years ago when a lovely lady pulled her van up beside me.

I was drenched in the heavy rain.

“Want a lift?” she called out. I looked at her smiling face and those of her kids

and proceeded to gratefully hop up into the van.

I shall never forget her kindness that day.

Now a similar situation was before me.

I just couldn’t go on.

I drove the car around and came up beside him

Rolled down the window.

He looked up at me through sheets of heavy rain.

Smiled and nodded in the direction of his destination.

I understood and smiled back so glad to know that he was home.

I watched while he slowly trudged up the wet sidewalk and then disappeared through the door.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me that opportunity. rainy evening

We are surrounded on all side by people in need.

Some are more obvious than others.

Even the smallest action of care matters

to the One Who cares for the sparrows.

Let’s write our words with hearts filled with care,

and live our lives  with eyes open to see

and hands willing to give.

Will you join me?

Let’s not pass them by. Together you and I can change this world.




Need Or Call

The need is great. All around us are people hurting and longing for release from pain, pressure and poverty.

I look at my meager supply with frustration. It is too small. No matter how hard I try to make it spread I can’t make it wrap itself around this hurting world or even dent the immense need. I can’t even spread it very far in my own neighborhood but I try.


Never will I forget my longing to scoop up all the children in the orphanage and pull them to me. They all deserved love and a family of their own. I was ready and willing.

But I had limits. I knew that I could only take this little baby in my arms. As I walked that long hall on my way out of that orphanage my ears rang with the piercing cries of those children. Although it has been many years I do not forget. I must not.

But every need is not a call.

God is God and I most certainly am not.

I live with limits in every area. Physical, emotional, material…..

He has not created me to meet every need. Only He can do that.

But He has called me to give and spend my life doing what I can. Caring for my two daughters. Serving Him with all I have and am. It is important that I learn to live within my limits and not become confused or I find myself becoming overwhelmed.

The needs are so great wherever you go.

But if every one of us follows God’s call and does what he can no matter how seemingly small, He will multiply our simple loaves and fishes and use them to do more than we can possibly imagine. I believe that. Do you?

Listen in the quiet. Pay attention to what tugs at your heart. A cup of cold water here.

A piece of bread there. A smile. A hug. A note written just at the right time.

That’s exactly how God lovingly works to meet the needs.

Fix your gaze upon His Face and follow Him.

One moment at a time.

One action after another.





Celebrate the Moments

Mondays wash day. Tuesdays ironing.  Wednesdays cleaning. And so the week went. My Pennsylvania Dutch Mom believed in a routine for everything. But even though the plan covered the necessary chores and responsibilities, it didn’t address the need we all have to celebrate the moments.

Celebrate life. Celebrate togetherness. Celebrate a job well done.

There’s always something to celebrate.

But it is all too easy to forget.

We become busy with one thing or another. Our energies get depleted and before we know it life has passed us by.


“We’re going to get a cake,” my oldest daughter announced today. Her eyes twinkled with mischief.

“A cake?”

“Yes, it’s time to celebrate. You need a cake.”

My weary eyes met hers and for a few minutes I was overwhelmed with feeling.

“Oh, I can read your eyes,” she wisely said. “It’s time for a big, luscious, Knakals cake.”


So together we walked into the well-known bakery and stared at the goodies looking particularly for the cakes. Our eyes all stared at the same cake.

“This one,” we told the kind lady behind the counter.

“What do you want me to write on it,” she asked taking the cake out.

“Love you,” my daughter said.


In a few minutes we drove home with our celebration cake. Laughter and excitement rang in our home as we got out the plates and forks.


Celebrating energizes.

Celebrating encourages.

Celebrating helps you remember what is most important in life. Who is important.

All life is meant to be celebrated.


Maybe it’s time you celebrate today too.


Yesterdays gone and tomorrow may never be. But we have this moment today. (Gaither)