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Moving To Maine

I couldn’t be at a more aesthetic setting.

A gentle breeze blowing my hair.

The smell of sea air and the sound of happy voices.

Voices of young and old enjoying the ocean in July.

The sun shines bright warming the beach

and giving all a one of a kind day.

It’s not often like this, is it?

No there are days and days of plain hard work

Where we struggle to just get through.

But today…

         today shines with a promise of all good things.

For me, maybe a touch of heaven gold.

Why I even have my newly bought guide to

“Moving To Maine” by Victoria Doudera.

It’s a dream I’ve had for some time –

To live by a place near the sea.

To write and continue to serve people.

And on a day like today

I almost feel like it could happen.

Only God knows.

But one thing I do know is that one day I am moving.

My last final move.

After living in Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri and Virginia

I’ll finally leave for my true home;

My home in heaven with the Lord.

There it will be like everything I’ve always imagined

And more.

The ocean, soft breezes, flowers, birds singing,

The awesome blue sky with dazzling white clouds

And most of all

Yes, most of all, the Lord.

Those places that draw our senses to peak levels

will culminate one day in a place

A place that is grandeur than we can even imagine.

Are you moving there with me?

The grandest things here on earth pale in comparison

To the One Day with the Lord of all.

So I will read and enjoy these precious earthly moments

knowing that One day it will all be better than

I can possibly imagine.

Maine. Am I moving to Maine?

I have no idea.

But I am one day moving.

Are you coming with me?


No Matter What

The morning dawned early here at my favorite place on earth.

As I lay on the bed the sound of the ocean waves lapping the beach met my ears.

I smiled to myself.

It had been some year.

Challenges and changes that caused my hair to get even whiter.


Here I was at the beach, Again.

We often hear that phrase ‘God is good.’

Maybe you have said it too.

And He is. Yes, He certainly is.

Always and forever good.

Whether I see it at the time or not good.

When everything falls apart and my world shatters

He is good.

His goodness transcends my feelings.

His goodness is – whether I get it or not.

Life can be so very hard.

Painful, painful moments.

The woman struggling to just keep it together for her kids

But every day brings her closer to ruin.

The one who recently got difficult news from the doctor.

News they hoped to never hear

But now its their battle. Their life.

Homes are lost; possessions destroyed

One silently cries in her pillow at night

Sure that nobody cares.

But that is not true.

There is One who does care

And who has promised to walk through every experience,

every trial

with us.

Years ago my life was shattered.

I will never forget the struggle to go on…

Gut wrenching sobs,

Broken into a zillion little pieces.

Was God still good then, you might ask.


Yes, He was. Not with a soft, tender understandable to man goodness.

No, but good as a loving Father to His child.

He knew what was best for me.

Today looking back I see in part His strengthening my relationship with Him,

His teaching me to trust Him,

His wooing me to value Him above all.

It is all too easy to get lost in His gifts and then

when something happens

to be shattered.

But is God good?

Oh my, yes. He is the very essence of Goodness

But our world can hardly grasp it.

We get lost in our selfishness and in playing with toys.

But He is so good.

So very, very good.

No matter what.

Now let’s let that Truth brighten our days.

I’m willing to.

Will you join me?


Let’s Be Honest

It’s not always easy.

No, sometimes it’s very, very difficult

to have patience with others.

I don’t care if you’re driving and suddenly cut off by an angry driver

or buying groceries at the local store when someone pushes in front of you

or even in church where you experience the frustrations of another

 when you accidentally sit in their seat.

We all experience impatient people.

So what do you do?

How do you handle difficult moments like these?

I think it begins with each one of us.

First, let’s have patience with ourselves.

Yes, take a deep breath and accept your immediate reaction of frustration

and then give yourself understanding.

Yes, first give yourself patience.

And then look at that one

who rattled you so unexpectedly

and give them grace. Yes, grace.

Life is tough.

Pressures abound on every side.

We never know the difficulties another is facing

so give them grace

and whisper a prayer for that frustrated soul.

Again and again when I do that

I find that peace returns and once more I am able to move forward.


I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world. John 16:33 Message