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Taking Charge

I know it might sound ridiculous but I’ll ask anyway.

What would happen if every time you had a worrisome thought you could just burst it

     like a balloon?

Here’s the reason I’m asking.

Life can be difficult. Problems can arise unexpectedly.

Brain science research shows that our thoughts create chemicals.

Every bad thought releases chemicals that make you feel bad.

Every good thought releases chemicals that make you feel good.

You do not need to believe every thought you have – oftentimes thoughts lie.

You have to take control.

The problem is that we usually think we have no control over our thoughts.

How would you feel, though, if you had a plan?

    A specific tool that you could use to burst those negative, anxious thoughts?

Well here’s an idea that has helped many folks.

Challenge those thoughts.

Yes, ask these questions-

    Is it true?

    Can I absolutely know it’s true?

    How do I feel when I have this thought?

    What would I be without this thought?

     Turn the thought around. Is that turnaround thought true? Is it even more true

         than the original thought?

Yes, you can learn to talk back to your thoughts.

Don’t believe every thought you have.

Burst those thought balloons by challenging them and asking those questions.

If you focus on what is true it will make all the difference in how you feel.

Sound good?

Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.


Think on whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, excellent, good, worthy of praise-

Let your mind dwell on these things. (Philippians 4:8)

Some Days

Some days—
yes, some days I have to remember
that love is stronger than evil
and that it matters when hearts are broken.
Some days—
Yes, some days–
I have to remind myself that hurts will heal
and that we can overcome in His Strength
not our own.
Some days—
Some days I have to intentionally turn my heart 
to the beauty around me
and hide myself in His Love.
And then once more I am at peace
knowing that 
some days will eventually be turned into One Day.
Joy overcomes.

Never Say Never

Never say never!

Words that I’ve heard from as far back as I can remember.

Never say never!

Words that challenge me to keep pressing forward

and go live beyond my finite expectations.

Images from long ago cross my memory –

English papers covered in red

Comments that caused my shy spirit to cringe.

You’ll never be able to write, I thought,

but years and experience showed me how foolish that idea was.

Never say never!

Another acceptance and check in the mail

What God plans, don’t hinder by such negative thinking.

Never say never!

I remember standing in front of my first class of first graders

Me? A teacher?

Never say never! Keep moving forward.

And I read that old children’s story again and again-

The Little Engine That Could

I think I can, I think I can (but boy, I often didn’t feel it at all)

But slowly, God created a teacher in me.

Never say never!

A single parent

While the heads shook and my own legs trembled I traveled half way around the world

To adopt my daughters and then faced the daunting task of parenting them.

Day by day, moment by moment,

Seeking wisdom and grace and an ocean of energy.

Never say never!

Moving into a different career and building my own practice.

Carried by His Strength

Seeking to encourage the wounded and to build hope in the weary.

Never say never!

I gazed at her tired face and saw that look in her eyes.

There is ALWAYS hope! Glorious news.

With the rising of the sun declaring another day, the birds chirp the familiar chorus


Breathe ifarm5n

Take heart.

There is more to this life than what you can see

Than what you can feel

There is so much more and He only waits for us to reach out to Him

and ask.

Never give up!

Write it again – don’t falter now.

Finish the manuscript. Make sure that you do.

Go forward in faith no matter how foolish you feel.

Never give up, dear friends!