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Shining Moments

I love ordinary days.

Days filled with the calm rhythm of routine and predictability.

Days that hum with a familiar sound and a regular beat.

Because it’s on simple, ordinary days

that every once in a while

the extraordinary happens.

Years ago it was on an ordinary day

that my girls and I drove up to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

October smells filled with air and we walked the winding trails

enjoying the crunch of the leaves under our feet

watching for bear

or deer

or anything else that moved.

Laughing together time.

A pleasant break from our life down in the valley.


suddenly as we reluctantly prepared to leave

I decided to check if perhaps

there might be one room still available for the night.

Yes, I was told. Just one.

So with giggles and grins we rode over to the cabin

What we saw when we opened the door

was completely unexpected.

A lovely furnished room

with a porch where we could sit and rock in big wooden rocking chairs

with a spectacular view of the valley below.

It was an experience that was covered with God’s fingerprints.

I’ll never forget that evening as we sat together

watching the sun set.

The sky growing more colorful by the seconds.

The lights down in the valley slowly growing visible.

Twinkling little lights scattered all over

I strained to see the very last bit of the sun before it hid itself beneath the horizon

longing to hold on to the moment.

When it gets the darkest

you can see the lights.

All around us we see the darkness.

Continued problems, disease, death, destruction, disasters.

Sometimes it is easy to only notice that.

But keep looking,

let your eyes adjust to the changing light

and you will notice little lights glowing here and there.

Lights that remind us that we are never alone.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works,

 and glorify your Father Which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

An ordinary day

led to an extraordinary experience that encourages me today.

Let’s not be overwhelmed by the darkness

but uplifted by the lights.

May our hearts not become discouraged by the darkness

but filled with hope as we watch the lights.

Shining Moments

We gathered

my friends and I

in a small room

on an ordinary night.





and I sensed again the wonder…

the wonder of being part of something bigger than me.

Coaching is all about helping people move forward in their lives

giving them the place

the caring relationships

where they can step forward.

teaching skills that will lead to results.

asking questions that motivate, challenge and enlighten.

Shining moments all around.

As the tide regularly comes in

and then goes out

the Spirit moves within us to breathe in

and then give out.

Every day that simple action—

drinking deeply from Him

through the reading of His Word

and prayer

moving in step with Him.

Never fearing or wringing of hands

simply taking His provision one day at a time

knowing that He longs for you to know His Purpose

even more than you want to know it.

Slow down your pace

and listen in the quiet.

His Still Voice calls you to come to Him.

You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13

Get in step with Him today

He will lead you to places you never dreamed

He will guide you on adventures you could never have imagined.

Life your eyes to Jesus and He will set you free.

Shining Moments

Watch, I was told as a little girl.

So when I came to a street crossing I kept my eyes on those lights,

and waited for the light to turn before I walked across the street.

Be careful, I was warned.

So when I took out the motor boat for the first time

I made sure that I was out beyond the rocks before I started the motor.

Watch her temperature, the doctor advised me.

and if it goes above that make sure you call me.

I gave her sponge baths and was relieved as I saw her temperature coming down.

Watch the signs.

Early this morning I stepped outside to walk my lab

and noticed the red sky in the east.

‘Red in the morning

sailors warning’ came to mind.

Prepare for rain.

In less than an hour it began to rain.

My thoughts wandered towards other signs

Signs that are all too easy to ignore.

A body that is tired day after day

An appetite that suddenly decreases or even disappears

A lack of interest in things that used to be important

Less time spent in the Word

Watch the signs.

A marriage with little or no communication

A teen that spends all their time in their room

A child who gets sick every morning before school

Watch the signs.

They are there to warn us

so that we can make appropriate changes before a situation gets worse.

Observe the signs

Get help when needed

Consult with someone who can assist

Most of important

Let’s turn our eyes upon Jesus.

Pray about those signs

asking for wisdom and understanding

Then take the appropriate steps.

Watch the signs, my friends.