Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

Shining Moments

There are few pleasures that compare to tea time

    that time in the day when you fix a hot cup of tea

    preferably with a friend

       or family member

and sit

  and talk

     and sip tea together.

My memories of tea time go back to when I was in school.

I’d come home

   put down my pile of books

   and before I tackled those endless assignments

  I enjoyed a 4 o’clock cup of tea with my Mom.

We talked and shared

    giggled and groaned

    laughed and lingered

    savoring the company and the tea.

When my girls were young I bought a Russian tea set.

In the midst of a busy day

  with countless demands and responsibilities

  we delighted in having tea together.

We talked and shared

   giggled and groaned

    laughed and lingered

    savoring each others’ company and the cup of tea.

Sometimes when my daughters were young

  we substituted chocolate mile for tea or dr. pepper.

A plate of thinly sliced pound cake, apple bread, or Oreos

   would be added on the table


    the enjoyment would still be there

    that familiar longing for tea time to last forever

Tea time has become a regular part of our day.

A time to anticipate

A moment to remember

It lowers stress and builds relationships

    and creates a place of peace in the midst of the press of life.

Close the doors

   and open the windows

 Life is too precious to just let it slip away.

Consider a tea time or something like it.

Stop the clock

   grab someone’s hand and for a few minutes let yourself

   experience the wonder of just being together.

I can’t imagine how my life would be without a tea time.

Try it….you’ll see.

It’s  a time that’s wrapped in love and laced with laughter.

A gift from our Father

   I do believe. One more gift for which to praise Him.