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Christmas Hope

The words of the familiar song peal over the radio. “As long as there’s Christmas, I truly believe. That hope is the greatest of the gifts we receive.”

Once more my heart is moved as I reflect back over the years.

There have been joyous Christmases like the time my family was reunited after my Mom had polio. Nothing, absolutely nothing could have thrilled my 4 year old heart more than finally being all together again. I had hope.

There have been anxious Christmases like when my younger brother came down with scarlet fever. No material gift could possibly relieve that burden of worry. Hearing from the doctor that he was improving was the best Christmas present that year. Hope filled my ten year old heart.

There have been sad Christmases. But there was still hope.

There have been fun Christmases. Hope overflowed.

Yes, the birth of Jesus brought Hope to all people. His life continues to bring Hope to all.

No matter how you are feeling today.

No matter how difficult maybe this Christmas is for you. Embrace the Gift of Hope.

He loves you and knows your deepest need.

He is with you longing for you to look to Him.

Christmas- the sound of His Love continues to fill the air.

Let it in.

Let Him in.

Hope. A hope that lasts.  Hope personally wrapped up and given to you.

A Christmas Purpose

Christmas is quickly approaching and amidst all the swirl of activities, I wonder how you are these days. Are you staying grounded in your convictions, unflinching in your resolve to live within your limits, and determined to experience a meaningful Christmas?


It is all too easy to be pulled off course. Let me encourage you to resist the tugs that threaten to move you away from your personal resolves. You can stay the course. You can be true.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Joseph these days. In many ways I think I can understand at least in part the huge weight of responsibility he carried. So much was at stake. Did all heaven tremble as he considered putting Mary away quietly so as not to cause her public disgrace?


I’m touched that he first thought of her. Upon hearing that she was with child, he did not become stuck in his own anger and frustration. No, he thought of her. What an example that gives me today.


This Christmas focus on the needs of others. Lift your eyes to those around you. Take steps to lift the burdens that you see. Encourage when you can. Pray for God’s grace and healing where it is needed.


It is all too easy to put ourselves first. Our feelings. Our thoughts. Our desires.

This Christmas look out in love. And as you do so, may God meet you there.

God met Joseph and gave Him much needed direction. He will also give you all you need today as you seek Him.


A Christmas purpose. Yes, let it be yours.



Christmas Waiting


No matter how you look at it Christmas involves waiting.

Children impatiently ask, “How many more days?’

Weary parents wait in long lines. Desperate people wait for their next pay check

in order to buy the little they can to make Christmas for their family.

We anxiously wait for packages to arrive holding special contents.


Waiting in never easy.

But waiting does not mean that nothing is happening.

No, behind the scenes things are happening. We just can’t see them.

So we wait. Sometimes impatiently. Sometimes nervously. Rarely with peace and contentment.


Think back to the birth of Jesus.

Mary and Joseph waited wondering where and when this special little baby Who was God in flesh would be born.

And all the while God was organizing all the tiny details of the Extraordinary Event to take place.

Shepherds waited completely unaware of the miracle until the Angels announced His birth.

But God was at work behind the scene.


Today you might find yourself experiencing another long wait. Do not be discouraged.

He knows your every need. He understands how very hard it is to wait.

Trust Him as He works for you.

Rely upon Him to do all things well.

Rejoice in knowing that at the right time the answer will be revealed.

Christmas waiting.

One day closer.

His Love cares about our waits. His Love works for us in ways we can not see.

But at that right time, He will break through all the long days and nights of waiting and

His Glory will be revealed.

Have a blessed day, dear friend,

     as you wait.